Plan B Prevails ALEC killed Trayvon Martin!/soderstrom/status/201040335646896129 Just when you thought the schmucks at MoveOn couldn’t sink any lower, they pull a stunt like this. Stay classy, guys. Read more:


Julie Bishop Describes Serious Diplomatic Relationships With Emoji

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Exclusive: World’s first political emoji interview. Australia’s foreign affairs minister, Julie Bishop, simply loves using emojis to make a point. In a BuzzFeed News exclusive, we sat down with her for the world’s first political emoji interview. View this image › Lukas Coch for BuzzFeed / AAP Images 1. We started off with a simple […]


What These Kind People Are Doing For Thousands Of Stray Dogs Will Warm Your Heart

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There are an estimated 30 million stray dogs roaming the streets of India. With poorly lit roads, these pups often end up causing accidents or becoming roadkill. To save strays from being mowed down by vehicles, a non-profit organization called Motopaws has come up with an initiative to fit as many dogs as possible with […]


Cabinet nod for Rs.27,000 cr. projects

The Centre gave its green signal for investments worth more than Rs.27,000 crore in new highways and railway lines across the country to boost economic growth. The Cabinet Committee on Economic Affai Read more:


Comfortably dumb: Roger Waters says some of his best friends are Jews!/jaketapper/status/362964125527183362 Pink Floyd founding member and Occupy supporter Roger Waters found himself in hot water recently after a concert featured a pig balloon emblazoned with a Star of David and other religious and corporate symbols. David Draiman, vocalist for Disturbed, condemned Waters’ “flagrant display of anti-Semitism.” And Rabbi Abraham Cooper of the Simon Wiesenthal Center urged other […]


‘Underpants gnome foreign policy’: John Podesta presents a mock-worthy summary of Hillary’s anti-terror plan

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This morning, Hillary Clinton presented her ideas for halting the spread of terrorism in the world. Chairman of Hillary for America John Podesta summed up Hillary’s strategy with this handy checklist: Knowing the Clintons that checklist needs something else: “Profit” definitely needs to be there. As Podesta proved, achieving your goals on a checklist is […]


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