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Let’s Fancast An X-Men Reboot

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Imagine, if you will, an entirely new X-Men film franchise set in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Uhhh, this post might qualify as fan fiction. 1. Let’s pretend that we live in a better world where Fox is able to put aside its ego and work with Marvel on an X-Men movie franchise that is more […]


Obama Administration Expresses Support For Out Transgender Military Service


Nothing “but their suitability for service should preclude” transgender people from serving in the military, Defense Secretary Ash Carter says. The White House agrees, but the next steps remain unclear. View this image › U.S. Defense Secretary Ash Carter speaks to reporters at a news conference after a regional security meeting at Camp Arifjan, Feb. […]


Jon Huntsman’s daughter: My dad should run for mayor of New York City

Trying to convince dad @JonHuntsman to run for mayor of NYC. Thoughts? #whynot? — Abby Huntsman (@HuntsmanAbby) May 17, 2012 NYC seems to like wealthy RINOs. Huntsman would fit in perfectly! Then again, not everyone seems so enthusiastic:!/Toffleresque/status/202954398496858112 What about Nebraska Senate seat? RT @HuntsmanAbby: Trying to convince dad @JonHuntsman to run for mayor […]


C.J. Leslie turns down millions, returns to school

With CJ Leslie returning to NC State, the Wolfpack could be the best team in the ACC next season — Darius Reid (@DReidKnowsBest) April 18, 2012 NC State star forward C.J. Leslie has decided to stay in school for his junior season instead of declaring for the NBA draft where he would have surely been […]


Teenage wasteland: Secret Service to now have chaperones. No, really

Secret Service agents now need chaperones? Really? They protect the highest leaders of our country and need chaperones on trips?? #ineptness — Parkey Thompson (@financialfocus1) April 29, 2012 Unbelievable. Well, believable but absurd. Chaperones? Chaperones? Can we send some adults to Washington? — John Bachman (@JayGeeBee) April 29, 2012 Embarrassed by a prostitution scandal, […]


Comedian Patton Oswalt’s fans disgusted after he praises ‘filth bag’ Mark Steyn

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@pattonoswalt @MarkSteynOnline probably shouldn't have gushed"he hit it out of the park" just sayin. — Resinveins (@Resinveins) April 16, 2014 You can probably count the number of times we’ve agreed with Patton Oswalt on one hand (or maybe one finger). But we firmly believe in giving credit where credit is due, and this time, Oswalt […]


You Only Die Once, So, These People Decided To Do It In Style.

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Death is not an especially fun topic, but it’s something we all need to face. After all, it’s a certainty. So, instead of focusing on how you may die… maybe you should think about your coffin accessories. (That’s a real thing.) Egyptians would famously decorate their sarcophagi with valuable items, like pots full of organs and […]


Ben Shapiro misses Piers Morgan rematch because of unruly passenger

Just had plane diverted to Denver thanks to unruly passenger. Ugh. — Ben Shapiro (@benshapiro) January 15, 2013 @benshapiro is en route to @cnn studio. He is late because his flight had to make a landing because of a crazy dude on board. Without a gun. — Joel Pollak (@joelpollak) January 16, 2013 After some […]


Bobby Brown tries to sell his life story after Whitney’s death

Bobby Brown can write??"@MsPattyJackson: Report: Bobby Brown Shopping Self-Written Bio and Hollywood is Interested" — Rich Pawlak (@esterrick) March 18, 2012 Yeah, we thought that, too. Of course, Bobby will never learn. Even after shopping around Hollywood last year trying to sell his movie, no one was interested. Now, trying to make money off […]


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