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On fiscal cliff, Obama calls for egg nogg break, cooling off period

No "Aloha" finish for Obama, but eggnog clearly the highlight of 7-minute speech. — Bob Cusack (@BobCusack) December 21, 2012 More than a half-hour late for his statement on the status of fiscal cliff negotiations (but who even noticed?), President Obama gave a brief speech that was short on numbers, aside from noting that “nobody […]


Crying a river? Timberlake not amused by old picture with Spears

I think we should all tweet @jtimberlake just random questions about britney tbh, whats your favourite song of hers? #tweetjtaboutbritney — BS♡ (@SlaveForBrit) July 2, 2012 Some of us revel in nostalgia. Some of us love looking back at cherished memories by looking at old photos. Some of us enjoy taking a look back to […]


Ouch! Did Flea, Kiedis make Patricia Heaton a ‘cougar’? (Bonus Broncos bash)

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I'm glad Seattle is winning, but what on earth is going on with Denver? — Patricia Heaton (@PatriciaHeaton) February 3, 2014 Actress Patricia Heaton answered her own question during the mockery-inducing Broncos Super Bowl performance Sunday night. Colorado legalizes pot, and suddenly the Broncos can't focus. Coincidence? Perhaps… — Patricia Heaton (@PatriciaHeaton) February 3, 2014 […]


These 17 People Tried To Use The English Language… And Failed SO Horribly That It’s Painful. OMG.

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There aren’t many people in the world today who truly value the English language. Thanks to social media and digital communication, abbreviations and poor grammar are infuriatingly commonplace. Even people who think they are proficient forget some simple grammar rules (like the difference between using “fewer” and “less”). Everyone has failed at some point. There may even […]


Ban Gregg Williams from NFL for life?

All this talk about Gregg Williams receiving a "LIFETIME" ban from NFL… I disagree, we all deserve a 2nd chance! What r ur thoughts? #fb — Kurt Warner (@kurt13warner) April 7, 2012 Former New Orleans Saints defensive coordinator Gregg Williams has been surrounded by allegations that he instructed his players to attempt to injure opposing […]


‘Epic’ social media shutdown win! Check out Urban Dictionary definition

Urban Dictionary: #Barrycades 1.A barrier (usually temporary) that exists for no reason 2. A barrier erected for political reasons #shutdown — Penelope Parker (@exodus_2011) October 5, 2013 Another social media win! Last year, “just bloggers” and citizens scored a win when pushing back against Sen. Reid’s absurd claim that some guy told some girl who […]


Dylan Farrow’s ‘palpable bitchery’? Stephen King begs for ‘mercy’ after tweet

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Have no opinion on the accusations; hope they're not true. Probably used the wrong word. — Stephen King (@StephenKing) February 4, 2014 Author Stephen King says he has “no opinion” on Dylan Farrow’s allegations of sexual abuse by serial creep Woody Allen. He did, however, reply to writer Mary Karr shortly after she tweeted this […]


A Man That Hated His Job Decided To Stop Complaining. He Made Art Instead. The Results Are Incredible.

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Have you ever had a job you hated? What did you do about it? Complain a lot? (Yeah me too.) That’s what makes midwestern photographer Logan Zillmer different. Zillmer works as a retail manager, and thoroughly loathes his job. Last year, in an effort to combat the soul sucking powers of retail, began a photo a […]


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