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Where’s The Boss? Ace and friends wonder why peacenik Springsteen’s silent on Syria!/AdamBaldwin/status/375716152564924417 It was less than a year ago that Bruce Springsteen rhymed “pajamas” with “Osama” in a masterful musical tribute to The Lightbringer. But, well, ever since Obama’s expressed interest in taking military action against Syria, war-hatin’ Bruce hasn’t made a peep. What gives? Ace of Spades was understandably curious:!/AceofSpadesHQ/status/375715036557082625 It’s only a matter […]


Stay classy! Liz Cheney drops senate bid; Gawker is foul as always

, , , ,!/ByronYork/status/420163103524147200 As Twitchy readers know, reports surfaced Sunday indicating that Liz Cheney would drop out of the Wyoming senate race. Monday morning, she made it official.!/ByronYork/status/420177638230331392!/ByronYork/status/420177694303993856 What also runs rampant? Lefty spew. The always vile Gawker rushed to board the hate train.!/Gawker/status/420182455531102209 New tone!!/HoosierParlance/status/420184758422089728!/StephBMore/status/420187337113735168!/CDerespina/status/420182975808933888 We’d say shame on you, […]


Concealed carry opponent wants law-abiding gun owners … shot?!/The1AmberDawn/status/340729480228265985 Concealed carry legislation is headed to the desk of Illinois Gov. Pat Quinn after a compromise bill passed both houses of the state legislature yesterday. The news that Illinois would begin issuing five-year concealed carry permits to citizens was good news to Second Amendment supporters.!/ConcrndCtzn0171/status/340852996315439104!/AnnaLPfaff/status/340802022909571072 Not everyone was thrilled to see Illinois […]


Jonah Goldberg predicts upcoming Democrat fundraising email headers

,!/Oglebay/status/505431655541379072 Fundraising emails on behalf of Democrat groups have reached the next level of desperation and creepiness. National Review’s Jonah Goldberg shared a recent DCCC fundraising email and predicted future headers:!/JonahNRO/status/505429376864100353 They’re probably being sent as we speak. Read more:


Dog Does The Funniest Thing When His Owner Plays The Accordion

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If you need a little pick-me-up, Nathan the dog has you covered. (And even if you don’t, he’s worth a watch!) Every time his owner pulls out her accordion to play a tune, the charming little Chinese crested pup can’t hold back his joy. There’s something about the music that brings Nathan to his happy […]


Leonard Nimoy Did A Stunning Photo Series Celebrating Gloriously Full-Figured Women

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The Full Body Project included women of all shapes and sizes who clearly love their curves. NSFW due to nudity. 1. In 2007, Star Trek actor Leonard Nimoy, who also happened to be a prolific photographer, published his collection The Full Body Project. Nimoy challenged modern standards of beauty with the engaging photographs, presenting the […]


When A Normal Wedding Takes An Insane Turn, You Get This. Watch Out At 40 Seconds In!

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Gary and Tracy Richardson said, “Whilst planning our wedding we knew we wanted something a bit different. Upholding tradition but with a modern twist.” And well, they definitely upheld tradition… at least for a little while. Check out the ‘twist’ they decided on. It seems like not everyone loved this. At 1:38, those two women […]


From The Outside, This Is An Old Shut Down Cement Factory. But Go Inside And… WHOA!

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No, this isn’t just an old factory, crumbling to pieces. It used to be a cement factory, sure, but now this sprawling structure is the incredible home of architect Ricardo Bofill. He discovered The Cement Factory in 1973 and it was completely abandoned (and partially in ruins). It couldn’t have looked like much, but Ricardo […]


RIP Alexander Cockburn; Updated!/KatrinaNation/status/226581420137664512 Earlier this morning, Katrina vanden Heuvel tweeted the sad news that left-wing journalist Alexander Cockburn has died. He was a columnist at The Nation and co-editor of CounterPunch. Condolences: So sorry to hear death of Alexander Cockburn. Wonderful writer. Preferred Hitch politics but Alex in Nation, WSJ radical, provocative, fun — Denis MacShane (@DenisMacShane) […]


Toby Keith offers advice about patriotism ahead of Independence Day [pic]


@TobyKeithMusic I'll SECOND THAT !!!! Everyone have a HaPpY FoUrTh 🎉🎈🎉🎈🎉🎈🎉🎈😘 — Rendi's_Music (@rhonda3467) July 3, 2014 Country star Toby Keith is not one to be apologetic about his patriotism, and encourages others to be the same way:!/TobyKeithMusic/status/484778291291648000 Tell us how you really feel, Mr. Keith! Read more:


8 CRPF commandos killed in IED blast in Bihar

At least eight CRPF commandos belonging to its elite COBRA battalion were tonight killed in a Naxal IED blast in the jungles of Bihar’s Aurangabad district, officials said. The jawans of the COBRA Read more:


Romney selfie update: ‘Scrubs’ actor really wants you to know he’s not a GOPer

,!/observerwest/status/426915977435951106 “Scrubs” actor Zach Braff a Republican? The horror! Sure, he took a couple of selfies with Republican Mitt Romney. But Braff wouldn’t want anyone to get the wrong idea about his political leanings. Just in case you forgot about the time he shared his green energy expertise with Obama, the day he rallied with […]


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