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Yes, Ron Paul, some veterans with PTSD go to the gun range for therapy!/RonPaul/status/298477312876355585 Not only is Ron Paul disgusting and shameful, he’s uninformed and wrong about post-traumatic stress disorder, too. So are all of these other amateur psychiatrists who think they know something about PTSD: How Gullible R ULoud noises &Guns R the best treatment 4 PTSDMake senseIn bizarro world — Noreen (@NoreenR1) February 4, 2013 Two […]


‘White people win again’: Diversity police react to Colbert replacing Letterman

, , , , ,!/TheBrandonMorse/status/454292218040184832 Welp, that didn’t take long.!/Matthops82/status/454290565379948544 It’s just like Slate predicted! People are buzzing today over the announcement that Stephen Colbert will replace David Letterman as host of “Late Show” when Letterman retires next year. But for many, excitement quickly turned to whining:!/waypastparadise/status/454292825103155200 Friggin’ white males … they ruin everything! […]


Guitarist Slash ‘majorly hacked,’ retweeting Justin Bieber photos

, , , , ,!/JoePerry/status/498219320862728192 Guitarist Slash’s Twitter account has been hacked; either that, or he’s become a huge Justin Bieber fanboy, retweeting dozens of photos of the singer.!/glitterfallout/status/498228971960795137!/JoePhenix/status/498235582305550336 Here’s just a sample of Slash’s timeline.!/rrrocketqueen/status/498211939689185280!/BigAerosmithFan/status/498213637044314112!/CrazyAuntKaren/status/498217754244022273!/yesjayme/status/498218349776863232!/Ben_Mr_G/status/498219678938824704!/Sydneyjean01/status/498226194907947008 The guitarist was allegedly hacked the night before as well, with scripture being tweeted from his […]


Conservatives hijack #ProudOfObama hashtag consolation prize!/BarackObama/status/260570504899989504 After the second presidential debate, Barack Obama’s own Twitter account launched the self-congratulatory and “Dewey Defeats Truman”-like #ObamaWinsDebate hashtag, which conservatives promptly hijacked. Monday night’s participation ribbon equivalent arrived in the form of #ProudOfObama. Barack’s steady leadership has made us stronger and safer than we were four years ago. That was clear tonight. –mo […]


Behind closed doors: Sen. Dianne Feinstein reportedly stuck in an elevator; Update: Sweet freedom No kidding. This afternoon, Dana Bash tweeted out some interesting news:!/DanaBashCNN/status/347786644683886592 Mockery ensued, naturally:!/NumbuhOne/status/347786921231151104!/RyanAClarke/status/347786960888270848!/lv4myctry/status/347787694505603073!/ahabion/status/347786916348977152!/Matthops82/status/347789130031316992!/RightWingNerd/status/347786887659917312 Snort. *** Update: Fortunately for Sen. Feinstein and her companions, the elevator captivity wasn’t permanent. As it turned out, they spent about 15 minutes in the elevator while maintenance workers replaced a broken […]


C’MON! Chris Hayes hard at work creating fake narrative about ‘nothingburger’ #ComeyTestimony

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Really? Comey pretty clearly thinks the President is guilty of obstruction. — Christopher Hayes (@chrislhayes) June 8, 2017 // Chris Hayes is PRETTY SURE he once saw Santa Claus too. What, is he suddenly a mind-reader? We pretty clearly think Comey said the same stuff we already knew and the Democrats once again came up […]


What Ted Cruz just said to Laura Ingraham about GOP ‘leadership’ will make you fist pump!

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So, some people are loving how Senator Ted Cruz just nutshelled the problem with Republican “leadership.” The senator was a guest on Laura Ingraham’s radio show today. And then this happened: Bam. Double bam! Yep. The craven need not apply. Can you hear us now, GOP? This is the power of new media: We can […]


Her Life Was Ruined By An Arsonist, But All She Wants Now Is Some Christmas Cheer

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It’s not often that people lose their entire families in a tragedy, but for Safyre Terry, that’s exactly what happened. Two years ago, a suspected arsonist burned down her home, killing her mother, father, sister, and two brothers. Safyre was the only person to survive the fire, but she is scarred from her head to […]


24 Celebrities With Cakes Of Themselves

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There’s just nothing else quite like it. 1. Jack Osbourne View this image › WireImage / Denise Truscello “You really shouldn’t have.” 2. Susan Sarandon View this image › WireImage / Jemal Countess “Why, Tim? Why?” 3. Snooki View this image › Splash News “The pouf is just perfect.” 4. Ja Rule View this image […]


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