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Italian court finds Amanda Knox guilty of murder

, , ,!/DailyMailUS/status/428995982811230209 An Italian court announced that Amanda Knox has been found guilty of the murder of Meredith Kercher. From the New York Times before the verdict was announced: Ms. Knox will not be in the courtroom. She will await the verdict in her hometown, Seattle, where she has been living since an appeals court reversed […]


Hop into the Wayback Machine and check out these #HuffPoWalkerScandals

, ,!/irishspy/status/438162311035895808 The headline in the Huffington Post — “Scott Walker Caught Breaking Campaign Rules While Running For College President In 1988″ — pretty much lets you know not to waste time reading too much further. The Daily Beast has already looked into the color of Ted Cruz’s bathrobe in college, and now it’s Scott Walker’s turn […]


Snicker: Did Obama just offer up the worst buddy cop movie ever?!/VodkaPundit/status/342273296542339072 Bada-zing! As Twitchy reported, President Obama has tapped lying liar who lies, Susan Rice, as the new national security adviser. Samantha Power will replace Rice at the UN. Worst cop buddy movie ever? You decide! Jonah Goldberg offers up something that may make for a great plot for installment one in the film series. […]


They Brought Their New Babies To Meet Their Grandma…Her Reaction? Priceless!

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I’m the youngest of three and after my mom’s second boy, she was so determined to have a girl that my parents kept on trying. Back in 2013, this couple had twin baby girls. While very exciting for them, it was an especially important announcement to the rest of their family. You see, all of […]


Three killed as bus returning from church camp crashes near Indianapolis!/GranTweets2/status/361248725374480385 Three were confirmed killed today when a bus carrying teens home from a church camp in Michigan crashed in Indianapolis, Ind. The bus was carrying around 40 members of the Colonial Hills Baptist Church and was just miles from its destination when it overturned.!/bhaeberle/status/361242986551599104!/EmilyWTHR/status/361238147771801602!/theAlexHanson/status/361245434150264832 An Indianapolis Fire Department spokesman told reporters that […]


17 Reasons You Never Need To Wear Condoms Again

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Because what’s the point? WARNING: Extremely NSFW images ahead. Why would anyone ever wear condoms when condoms are obviously the worst? 1. This doesn’t look so bad, does it? Hide Warning This image is graphic Click to reveal View this image › CDC / Via (Gonorrhea, FYI) 2. And neither does this. Hide Warning […]


It started with Slutwalk, it ended with hypocrisy exposure, key question [pic]

, , ,!/chelsea_elisa/status/503342929638064128 Alas, yes, there was. We are givers, so we had it covered for you. A Twitter user spanked the dumbassery known as Slutwalk with some blistering truth and a devastating suggestion. Now it’s time to point out how the ludicrous “feminists” exposed their utter hypocrisy.!/chelsea_elisa/status/503383391405101057 Bam. And an exit question for the geniuses: […]


An Antelope Was Surrounded By Hungry Hyenas. How He Escaped Them Is Pretty Genius.

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Animals can be much smarter than what we give them credit for. A kudu was in some serious trouble in the middle of  Namibia’s Etosha National Park… when he did something so clever to save his own skin. The kudu, which is a large antelope species, was being chased by 14 hyenas that were hunting nearby. […]


Rahul Gandhi to embark on Kisan Yatra tomorrow – Times of India

In a bid to reinvigorate Congress and end its 27-year exile from power in the politically important Uttar Pradesh in the upcoming assembly polls, Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi will embark on the 2500 km-long Kisan Yatra from Deoria on Tuesday. Read more:


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