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Meseret Defar’s religious image confounds AP caption writers!/JamesMartinSJ/status/234295547480137728 The image of Ethiopian runner Meseret Defar clutching an image of the Madonna and Child to her face after her victory in the Olympic women’s 5,000 meter final is a striking one — but the accompanying caption seems to have missed an important if obvious detail. The Associated Press’s captions for the images refer […]


Sadie Robertson wows — again — on ‘Dancing With The Stars’ [video]

, ,!/kellydale901/status/527129326542917633 In a special Halloween-themed night on ‘Dancing With The Stars,’ conservative favorite Sadie Robertson, daughter of ‘Duck Dynasty’ star Willie Robertson, didn’t disappoint. Video from Sadie’s Twitter feed: Watch our dance from last night here! Thanks for all of your support and votes!!! — Sadie Robertson (@sadierob) October 28, 2014 // But the […]


Pushback: Source says Comey agreed to Loretta Lynch’s request to be consistent, refer to email ‘matter’

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Hillary Clinton was giving a commencement in Brooklyn Thursday, but that doesn’t mean she was entirely absent from the James Comey circus. As Twitchy reported, Comeytold Senators thatBill Clinton’s “chance” meeting with former Attorney General Loretta Lynch on the tarmac in Arizona is what led Comeyto make thatpublic statement on the FBI’s findings into her […]


Over a trigger warning?


James O’Keefe strikes again, this time on the campus of Vassar College where his undercover reporter posing as a student taped a school official shredding a copy of a pocket-sized Constitution after the reporter complained “that the Constitution is kind of a trigger for me.” Video from Project Veritas here: More from Campus Reform: The […]


Washington, DC handgun ban struck down as unconstitutional

,!/DLoesch/status/493158235096887296 Attorney Alan Gura writes on his blog Saturday: Justice never sleeps…. not even on a Saturday afternoon, when this opinion was just handed down. In light of Heller, McDonald, and their progeny, there is no longer any basis on which this Court can conclude that the District of Columbia’s total ban on the public carrying […]


‘Including the UNBORN ones’: #CelebrateWomen takes a turn the Left and feminists will HATE

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Linda Sarsour spoke at The New York Women’s Foundation shindig today to #CelebrateWomen. Because who better to talk about the empowerment of women than a woman who pushes Sharia Law? Feminists only celebrate CERTAIN women … "The revolution is led by women, women of color." – @lsarsour #CelebrateWomen — Women's March CT (@womensmarchct) May 11, […]


Their Weird Neighbors Moved Out. What They Found In Their House Is Disgusting.

Most of us have what you’d call “weird” neighbors to varying degrees. Some have odd interests and mostly keep to themselves, while others are just plain creepy and make those living around them uneasy with their presence. While Redditor cheezballs‘ weird neighbors didn’t exactly inspire fear in their neighborhood, something about them was just off. […]


WOOSH! EPSN’s Katie Nolan’s anti-Trump comments launch a #MAGA attack

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On Wednesday night, ESPN’s Katie Nolan appeared on the Desus & Mero talk show. During the interview, one of the hosts mentions that President Trump has a habit of putting thumbs up. “Well that’s because he’s a  f***,” Nolan said. Once she realized what she said, it became evident that she realized hse put her foot […]


Kathakali performances featuring episodes from The Ramayana

The month of Karkkidakam is a time when Kathakali plays based on the epic Ramayana get prime attention. ‘Seethaswayamvaram’, ‘Balivadham’, and ‘Thoranayudham’ are the ones that are frequently staged, Read more:


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