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Crocodile tears Obama invokes right to life; What about abortion?!/BarackObama/status/291590727094386688 Have you no shame, sir? Flanked by children, and their letters, as props, President Obama unveiled his gun-grabbing plans today. During the display, he said that the first task of society is to keep children safe. Big Daddy Government! He also said this: Again. Yesterday, conservatives shredded that shameful hypocrisy. President Obama […]


‘Ain’t hurting anyone but ducks’: Larry the Cable Guy goes to bat for Phil Robertson

, ,!/GitRDoneLarry/status/413714623250976769 Larry the Cable Guy has never been shy about speaking his mind, and today, he’s defending the right of “Duck Dynasty” star Phil Robertson to do the very same:!/GitRDoneLarry/status/413715992913510400!/GitRDoneLarry/status/413716820827181057!/KTrueplayer/status/413717405156655105!/GitRDoneLarry/status/413718975646683137 Truth!!/GitRDoneLarry/status/413719559942578177!/GitRDoneLarry/status/413719838515679232 Neither Phil nor his family have anything to apologize for.!/DoomsDaddy/status/413719742411595776!/KTrueplayer/status/413719759885066240!/RDTheArchitect/status/413720017365393408 (Worth noting that Glenn Beck […]


‘Best negotiator ever’! Report: Obama also nixed planned Iran sanctions to secure hostage release

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The details about the deal Obama and his administration made with Iran to secure the release of Americans held captive continue to trickle out: Here’s one more item to add to that list of what Iran’s reportedly getting for freeing four American citizens: It sounds like the message sent to Iran is that they should […]


When He Asked What These Canisters Were, His Grandpa Replied ‘Just Cyanide Bombs’

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If you know an old person, chances are you’ve seen some things in their house that’ve made you wonder, “How did they get this?” “What century is this from?” and “Should this be where people live?” The third question was certainly on Reddit user Cjad‘s mind when he found some strange canisters in his grandpa’s […]


Jennifer Lawrence and Hillary Clinton: Hair twins?

, ,!/alivingiano/status/440301120859033600!/GlenAllenWalken/status/440300360062619648 Hollywood darling Jennifer Lawrence usually dazzles on the red carpet, but her Oscar style left a bad taste in some fans’ mouths. Looks like her hair pulled a Hillary. Two thumbs down, say viewers.!/CallMeTimme/status/440348120262930432!/delamano/status/440294271468707840!/laura_nelson/status/440301023999975424!/KAthrynLEIGH12/status/440294346139521024 Time to press the hair Reset Button? Read more:


This Rescued Chimp Found Comfort In the Most Unexpected (And Adorable) Friend

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Born in 1976, this sad chimpanzee only knew life inside of laboratories. Her name is Foxie, and not only was she forced to test hepatitis vaccines, but she was also made to give birth to baby after baby to create more test subjects. She was never given the chance to raise them herself. In 2008, […]


‘What a mystery!’ Deadly attack on Coptic Christians has CNN Int’l stumped

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In Egypt, dozens of Coptic Christians have been murdered and many more injured after a bus they were riding in was attacked: Friday Attack Kills 26 Coptic Christians — RedState (@RedState) May 26, 2017 // Awful. CNN International isn’t making any assumptions about the attackers: Unidentified gunmen in Egypt open fire on a bus […]


Fenway Park announcer killed in car crash!/HackswithHaggs/status/200318816234913793 Fenway Park announcer Carl Beane was killed in a car crash on Wednesday at the young age of 59. Immediately after news of his death leaked onto the internet, everyone started offering their condolences via Twitter. Wow. Can't believe what I just heard. Carl Beane killed in a car accident. Rest in peace, the […]


That’s what she said! James Comey spills TMI on his history with Anthony Weiner


Awkward quote of the day. — Jason C. (@CounterMoonbat) May 3, 2017 // Today’s lesson in phrasing comes courtesy of none other than FBI Director James Comey, who uttered these words during today’s hearing: 'The Anthony Weiner thing landed on me…' — Comey — Glenn Thrush (@GlennThrush) May 3, 2017 // Comey: The Anthony […]


Rihanna and One Direction’s reactions to Miley Cyrus twerking [Vine]

There really is nothing else to say, is there?!/RoyalBri/status/371813541851836417!/STYLATORARMY/status/371804340190982144 Previous: ‘What the hell am I watching?’ Twerking Miley Cyrus, giant teddy bears, Robin Thicke and more ‘I thought it couldn’t get any worse’: Miley Cyrus’ hair draws attention at #VMA [pics] Jay-Z: Miley Cyrus twerking is ‘old world’s worst nightmare’ A long way from Disney: Miley […]


Obama recycles ‘climate change’ inaugural vow; resurrects green jobs!/SlaughterAM/status/293403455920422912 We will respond to the threat of climate change, knowing that the failure to do so would betray our children and future generations. — Barack Obama (@BarackObama) January 21, 2013 President Obama set left-wing hearts aflutter and pundits a-Twitter with a mention of “climate change” in his inaugural address. Yes! Thank you @barackobama for […]


Has KFC’s secret recipe been uncovered?

Is the secret KFC recipe a secret no more? A U.S. newspaper says it may have inadvertently stumbled upon the closely guarded blend of spices that coat the global restaurant chain’s signature fried Read more:


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