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A Never Before Heard Video Featuring Britney Spears Just Leaked Online. And It’s Horrific.

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Auto tune is a subtle thing that can vastly improve the quality of a song, and everyone uses it. If you think your favorite singers aren’t recording with auto tune, you’re dead wrong. Talented singers usually only need a little bit of auto tuning to perfect their songs. Others…well let’s just say that they wouldn’t have a career if it was just their natural singing ability. The downside of needing to rely on auto tune is that these singers probably live in mortal fear of someone getting a hold of the “natural” versions of their songs. That’s exactly what happened to pop music powerhouse Britney Spears. On July 2 a leaked version of  her 2013 song “Alien” surfaced online. It looks like Spears may not be the singer we all thought she was. Without auto tune she sounds god awful. The track’s producer says that the leaked version is just a vocal warm up. Here’s a comparison to the album version of the track. What do you think?

Our reaction exactly

Wow, my ears hurt now. Yours too? Sooth them with these 10 things that we’ve scientifically proven are more pleasant to hear than the un-auto tuned Britney Spears. 1.) Dial Up Internet

2.) A Dentist’s Drill

3.) The Sound Of Jackhammers

4.) Squeaky Chalk On A Blackboard

5.) Cats Meowing

6.) Arnold Schwarzenegger Screaming

7.) Vuvuzelas

8.) The Wilhelm Scream

9.) This Girl’s Laugh

10.) The Original Most Annoying Sound In the World

Basically, auto tune is magical and Britney Spears needs some singing lessons. Encourage an appreciation for auto tune by clicking below to share this story.

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