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‘WTH happened to James Woods?’ Fans wonder what’s up with conservative actor

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In October, Twitchy reported that fans wondered what had happened to James Woods during his ten-day absence from Twitter. Now, we’re almost at the two-month mark without a Twitter peep from the conservative actor and Twitchy favorite.!/air92503/status/411723867829198848

You’re not alone. Woods’ last tweet was on Oct. 17.!/PruPaine/status/410945641737506817

It’s nice to be missed:!/Cameron_Gray/status/411495281453047809!/sandys1776/status/411348576342908928!/CarlSpry/status/411251885589286913!/kensrage1980/status/411058378312392704!/sboggs/status/410895201264472064!/Coondawg68/status/411597577067696129

Woods didn’t tweet an announcement before going Twitter silent. Is he just busy with his new project?!/CuffyMeh/status/411598951372963840

Woods is the host and executive producer of “Futurescape,” which debuted on the Science Channel on Nov. 19.!/NASCARNAC/status/410129638502203392

While his patriotism, humor and biting political commentary are missed on Twitter, many people are enjoying the new series.!/Edwin_Stanski/status/410934595928850432!/LivingGeekGirl/status/410627518727606273!/jakaroo65/status/409911027707305984


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