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‘AMEN!’ Dr. Ben Carson nails it with simple key point on MLK Day

, ,!/RealBenCarson/status/425272717383069697

Boom. A simple key point from Dr. Ben Carson. Can we get an “Amen”? Or several:!/AlexsaurusZilla/status/425275972791717888!/ssolum123/status/425275164113113089!/bornasteelerfan/status/425275025500143617

And the triple:!/bennettcallie/status/425276163213107200

Dr. Carson’s tweet has been retweeted over 400 times and counting.!/Mike0781/status/425273511503208448

Speaking of character:!/CAidone/status/425273644072181760

Truth. Also truth, only not in the good way?!/texas_made99/status/425277259620966400

Yep. Who are the racists again? Hint: They are the ones trade in identity politics and who focus solely on color, not character.


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