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Beware: Microsoft’s Clippy mascot is out there somewhere, waiting!/sriramk/status/355466805432684544

Corporations can be downright humorless when it comes to their mascots and intellectual property, but someone at Microsoft got to have some fun with the “beloved” Office Assistant known as Clippy. Whatever happened to that guy, anyway?!/ajdomanico/status/355399553102512129!/stevesi/status/355405625632628742

Don’t write off ol’ Clippy so fast, guys.!/Microsoft/status/355451922683150336

Whoa! That’s kind of … creepy.!/armondhammer/status/355477563746951168!/AntDeRosa/status/355468597696532480

We’re not sure if this next tweet is going to make sleeping tonight easier or more difficult.!/edbott/status/355460649050062849

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