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Tears of laughter TD! Was this the best Broncos-blasting Super Bowl tweet?

, ,!/TravDav_/status/430152552219291650 Ask and ye shall receive!!/RobinMcCauley/status/430134383958183936 Giggling madly. With snorts! Was that early entry the best Broncos-blasting Super Bowl tweet of the night? You decide! The tweet was retweeted over 400 times and counting. Some other contenders: Gov. Jindal scored big with an excellent Super Bowl zinger and Albert Brooks piled on with some […]


Watch a Navy SEAL and his war dog rappel into Cowboys stadium [video, pics]

, , , , , , ,!/southerngirl101/status/529006326211686400 As part of the pregame at today’s Arizona Cardinals–Dallas Cowboys game, a Navy SEAL and his war dog rappelled into the stadium from the scoreboard to help with the coin toss: A member of the U.S. Navy Seals descends from the scoreboard with his dog prior to #AZvsDAL. — NFL (@nfl) November 2, […]


Solving the NFL’s image problem with one player. . .Tebow!

, , , ,!/DerwinLGray/status/513348682507620353 Yep: The same people who helped drive Tim Tebow out of the nation's spotlight for being too "God-y" and nice are upset the NFL's full of thugs. — Hugs n Kisses (@Coondawg68) September 20, 2014 Y'all remember when Tebow having John 3:16 on his eye paint was the biggest scandal in football? — Brandon […]


9/11 truther crashes Super Bowl MVP Malcolm Smith’s press conference [pic, Vine]

, ,!/GreggDoyelCBS/status/430181022467366913 Super Bowl MVP Malcolm Smith’s post-game press conference suddenly turned into an “open mic night” featuring a 9/11 truther:!/michaelhayes/status/430191590964219904 He’ll be here all week. Try the veal and don’t forget to tip your wait staff.!/maiello22/status/430193737126653952 Security doesn’t appear to have been nearly tight enough in the Seahawks locker room.!/DeSimone80/status/430195563616043008 Wow. Read […]


‘Inspiring!’: Jim Kelly makes ‘surprise visit’ to Buffalo Bills camp [pics]

, , , ,!/albert51M/status/479709670173462528 Former Buffalo Bills quarterback Jim Kelly has undergone radiation and chemotherapy treatments for sinus cancer, but that didn’t stop him from stopping by a practice session today to rally the team:!/mikerodak/status/479699922363498496!/ChrisBrownBills/status/479707114244280322!/rosenquista/status/479725267087151105 Nice! Read more:


The NFL is cracking down on players who wear the wrong headphones

, , , , ,!/NQS88/status/521389506595799040 Yes, you read that correctly. The NFL is now fining players who wear the popular “Beats” headphones instead of those made by NFL sponsor, Bose. And players are incurring fines rather than switch: NFL fines be damned, players are still wearing Beats headphones: — Deadspin (@Deadspin) October 12, 2014 NFL players are still […]


Reporter who speculated that Florida QB is innocent now deleting tweets

, , , ,

@DanielGillman dude too late — Cal (@AllmontheIrish) October 6, 2014 Yesterday Twitchy reported that Treon Harris, starting quarterback for the University of Florida, is being investigated for sexual assault and has been suspended indefinitely by the team. We included five tweets in our post from Daniel Gillman, a U of F student and “[r]adio personality […]


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