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The Fall Of Intrade And The Business Of Betting On Real Life

View this image › On a crisp Tuesday in September, primary election day in New York City, volunteers are handing out mayoral campaign flyers on the fringes of Zuccotti Park, and Laurence Lau sizes up the odds. “I don’t let my ideology get in the way,” he says. “You can’t — that’s how you lose […]


Inside The Immortality Business

View this image › “In practice, before long the objectors will include only a handful of eccentrics.” — Robert Ettinger, author, The Prospect of Immortality, forefather of modern cryonics, in 1965 “I have some nuanced feelings about death. In general I think that death is obviously not a good thing.” — Ken Hayworth, cognitive neuroscientist, […]


Did A Rapper’s Murder Bring Down Greece’s Neo-Nazi Party?

View this image › The first thing that strikes you as you approach 60 Panagi Tsaldari Ave. in the Athens suburb of Keratsini — before the in memoriam graffiti, before the modest shrine of candles and flowers — is that you wouldn’t murder anybody here unless you were convinced you could get away with it. […]


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