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FAA bans US commercial airlines from flying over Iraq

, , , ,!/jeremyhobson/status/497779227455135744 In response to the “potentially hazardous situation created by the armed conflict” in Iraq, the Federal Aviation Administration is keeping commercial carriers away from the area:!/GPollowitz/status/497788012164816896!/AP/status/497771253995159553 *** Related: ‘Today America is coming to help’: Obama announces airstrikes in Iraq Airstrikes aren’t war, you guys! Oliver Willis clarifies events in Iraq; Updated Read […]


‘Can’t be unseen!’ US Airways apologizes for offensive photo; Horror ensues

, ,!/Kim_Harrington/status/455798192479936512 The person responsible for the social media feeds for US Airways is indeed probably having a horrible day after tweeting out a response that included an incredibly inappropriate photograph. Here’s a version in which the photo, featuring a naked woman and a toy airplane, has been edited. US Airways’ Twitter feed sent out an […]


Democratic senators to file amicus brief against Hobby Lobby

, , , ,!/lizcgoodwin/status/428000066818023425 According to Yahoo News, 19 Democratic senators will file a “friend of the court” brief with the United States Supreme Court Tuesday, siding with the Obama administration against the owners of Hobby Lobby. The 19 senators—all of whom voted for the popular RFRA [Religious Freedom Restoration Act] in 1993—argue that the law’s religious protections […]


‘Heat wave!’ Katie Pavlich heats things up with Janice Dean [photo]

,!/EastTNVol/status/516598532464472064 Yes, sir. Take a look: Hey @JaniceDean! Look what I'm reading, Freddie the Frogcaster and the Big Blizzard. — Katie Pavlich (@KatiePavlich) September 29, 2014 Beautiful! Fellow Fox Newser and “Freddy the Frogcaster” author Janice Dean responded: .@KatiePavlich Katie! Freddy has never looked so good! Thank you so much!! xoxoxoxoxoxo — Janice […]


Chuck Todd somehow misses president’s four mentions of word ‘Syria’

, , , ,!/Quintic5/status/508697650183802880 Let’s hope that Congress pays closer attention to the president as he lays out his ISIS strategy this week than Chuck Todd did Sunday on “Meet the Press.” Viewers listening closely noticed that Todd told the president, “You’ve not said the word, ‘Syria,’ so far in our conversation,” after the president had mentioned it four […]


‘Alarm clock font’: Nike and Tampa Bay Bucs ruin NFL football uniforms even more

, , ,!/fergoe/status/440500780173250560 Yeesh. Nike and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers rolled out a redesign of their team uniforms today. Football fans would like them to roll the visual vomit straight back and into the trash can.!/bdomenech/status/440495100037464064 “Futuristic?” LOL. The alarm clock font is circa 1971.!/HockeyBrunch/status/440495996078784512!/Stefmara/status/440493687605587968 Alas, not a joke.!/TBBuccaneers/status/440487716581421056 Read more:


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