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‘I’ll try to keep looking up’: Zelda Williams tweets tribute to dad Robin Williams

, , , , ,!/zeldawilliams/status/499045688559165440 Actor and comedian Robin Williams left behind three children, including his beloved daughter and actress Zelda. His last Instagram and message, dated July 31, wished Zelda a happy 25th birthday.!/robinwilliams/status/494989879340584960 An inconsolable Zelda tweeted a brief personal tribute and quote from Antoine De Saint-Exupery’s “The Prince” late tonight. Her followers embraced the sentiment […]


Hacked? Madonna uses N-word in Instagram photo of son Rocco

, , ,!/VictorianJedi/status/424362988858900480 What makes people think Madonna’s Instagram account was hacked? On Friday, the singer posted a photo of her son Rocco with the caption, “No one messes with Dirty Soap! Mama said knock you out! #disnigga.” editor-in-chief M. Tye Comer was among those not feeling the #disnigga hashtag.!/embraceurcrazy/status/424344602502770688!/101flyboy/status/424387234976890880!/amandaseales/status/424382005778710528 It doesn’t look […]


‘Intern fill in today?’ Mother Jones aims for ‘damn dumbest’ Sam headline

, ,!/JayCaruso/status/505860033750769664 “Real journalism” doesn’t take a break over a holiday weekend, as evidenced by this offering from Mother Jones:!/MotherJones/status/505828054019502080 Mmmmkay.!/FirstTeamTommy/status/505861261733928960!/RexHarrisonsHat/status/505833729517187072!/kellyransford/status/505835407750496257!/McCarthyKnew/status/505852283192893440!/EvanDMyers/status/505861555821768704 Yep. Whatevs, MoJo. Speak for yourselves.!/LittleSlav/status/505853925891653632 On the other hand:!/LittleSlav/status/505854176958509056 Truth. Not to mention:!/NathanWurtzel/status/505861047660859392 Amen to that. *** Related: He’s out: Michael Sam released from St. […]


‘Thank you, God’: Jake Tapper promises viewers a Bieber-free broadcast [Vine]

, , , ,!/jaketapper/status/426457403081891840 Whoa … for reals? Now, our readers know that we’re always happy to cover Justin Bieber’s shenanigans, but believe it or not, some people aren’t all that interested in what The Biebs is up to. Those people can rest assured knowing they have a friend in Jake Tapper.!/sepinwall/status/426457577573347328 It is now:!/jaketapper/status/426459207383408641 Tapper’s […]


Because expert! Mad Men star speaks at WH Summit on Working Families [pics]

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Christina Hendricks 2016 — Olivia Nuzzi (@Olivianuzzi) June 23, 2014 As Twitchy reported, the Center for American Progress and U.S. Department of Labor are co-hosting a White House Summit on Working Families, complete with a “selfie wall” and lactation room. But it gets even better! Christina Hendricks (Joan Harris) is the special guest at WH Working Families Summit […]


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