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Check out the best Christmas trees on Twitter

, , , , , ,!/The_GovernorTWD/status/415286024764284928 And the Twitchy nominees for craziest, sexiest, coolest, crass-est Christmas trees on Twitter are … drumroll please…!/itvnews/status/415782826328334336!/TweetSmarter/status/414551682870046720!/YouScoop/status/415820147736072192!/TheNTNews/status/415692859929415680!/BBCAfrica/status/415734180094672896 Camp Taji, Iraq. God bless all our men and women in uniform who will be away from their families for the holidays.!/USArmy/status/413724525734682624 For the ladies:!/WhennBoys/status/414938565614002177 Thrifty!!/Catrina_Rawson/status/414148658372702208 Pokemon overload.!/AshKetchum151/status/413877004966957056 […]


TSA couldn’t wait ’til Christmas to open your wrapped presents [photos]

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Just found out @TSA unwrapped all the Christmas presents in my luggage now I know where the Grinch works. — Audrey Knox (@audreyknox) December 24, 2013 Pretty sure I just wrapped an assload of presents for nothing. From what I'm reading, the TSA isn't fond of wrapped gifts… — Samantha Hayden (@samhaydenb) December 24, 2013 […]


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