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Ellen Barkin blasts ‘warmongering Cheneys’ for position on climate change

, , , ,!/EllenBarkin/status/479382451014205440 For actress Ellen Barkin, the science is settled: The Cheneys are bad, horrible, awful, terrible people for viewing President Obama’s policies as bad for America while also not falling in line on “climate change.”!/EllenBarkin/status/479384003632300032 Uh huh. And nobody has joined the “save the planet” movement for the money, right Ms. Barkin? *** ‘Liberal […]


Democrats agree (mostly): #ActOnClimate or children will die

, , , , , ,!/vickmichele/status/473457276020199425 President “Under my plan electricity rates will necessarily skyrocket” Obama announced his new “Clean Power Plant Standards” today, complete with graphics featuring faceless “Julia” type characters. The Democrats began a full court press under the #ActOnClimate hashtag but for the most part they’re steering clear of climate alarmism because voters don’t really care about it. Instead […]


Ezra Klein floats weakest global warming analogy ever?

, , ,!/RyanLGustafson/status/420413601216598016 The Washington Post’s Ezra Klein does have a point. This week’s cold snap doesn’t by itself disprove global warming. We just wonder where Klein has been every time someone blames global warming for any day it’s hotter than usual out.!/rudymcilvai/status/420413762924208128!/tonypetrovsky86/status/420411941773778944!/deans_/status/420415368029827072!/DrewMTips/status/420412197085249537!/JustinMcAleer/status/420412554100617217!/DubeJohnr/status/420415258386128896!/ctsotsoros/status/420413085036208128!/StephenMaxner/status/420413233871081472 It seems the science is settled […]


Al Gore: ‘There’s an enforced orthodoxy’ in the GOP over climate change

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Gore to @davidaxelrod on Rubio & Paul’s climate change skepticism "When you say there’s strain in GOP, there’s an enforced orthodoxy in GOP" — UChicago Politics (@UChiPolitics) May 12, 2014 In a presentation at the University of Chicago Institute of Politics Monday, Al Gore told David Axelrod that when it comes to climate change, “there’s […]


State Dept. wants hackers but feeling isn’t mutual

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This seems like a bad idea. "@StateDept: Hackers wanted! Coding skills? Join the Fishackathon." #listbuilding — Anonymous (@YourAnonNews) June 16, 2014 Heh. Suspicious hackers are suspicious. @StateDept and that's how the US Department of State rounded up all the cyber criminals in America. Have a nice day folks. — Lemon Logic (@JonEthan_Lemon) June 16, […]


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