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‘All hell broke loose:’ Ferguson protesters arrested after melee with cops

, , , , , , , , ,!/kodacohen/status/515356043426414592 If it’s a day that ends in “Y,” it’s another day for Ferguson rabble-rousers to gather in front of the police station, yell, block traffic, and get arrested. All in a day’s work. Or whatever it’s called. @STLAbuBadu arrested in front of #Ferguson police department. — Robert Cohen (@kodacohen) September 26, 2014 #Ferguson […]


Four confirmed shot at Seattle Pacific University; One in custody

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RECAP: Reports came in of shooting at SPU at 3:30p. Police confirm 4 victims shot. One suspect in custody, one on loose. #SPUShooting — KIRO 7 (@KIRO7Seattle) June 05, 2014 Police are reporting four shot in an incident at Seattle Pacific University Thursday afternoon. One man is in custody.!/SeattlePD/status/474681779022868480!/Q13FOX/status/474688252973441024!/SPUnews/status/474691850461122561!/JohnHopperstad/status/474692159929479168!/Q13FOX/status/474696409749651456!/Q13FOX/status/474696627136266240 […]


Judge strikes down Chicago firearm sales ban: Piers Morgan, others whine

, , ,!/AnthonyBialy/status/420333281771397120 A federal judge has decided the fate of Chicago’s firearm sales ban:!/Suntimes/status/420325475014045696 Piers Morgan, as you would expect, disapproves of the decision:!/piersmorgan/status/420342518790623232 Others on the pro gun control side shared Morgan’s disappointment:!/GGNDRiRock/status/420326808467148800!/eclecticmontez/status/420326246187163648!/geasobd/status/420332487118561280!/OralPhenomenal/status/420339128098500608 However, Second Amendment supporters thought the ruling was a “win”:!/Kicking_Brass/status/420330305178697728!/Jmuffin_man/status/420328248136855552!/happyseitz/status/420327100092919808!/maedko/status/420326738825322496 “Constitution” being […]


Gov. Mary Fallin calls beheading ‘act of cowardice’; Death penalty sought

, , , ,!/GovMaryFallin/status/517026897373298688 Oklahoma Gov. Mary Fallin issued a press release today insisting that the perpetrator of the Vaughn Foods beheading will be brought to justice. Cleveland County District Attorney Greg Mashburn has indicated that he will seek the death penalty in the case. “Since the attack was reported, I have been communicating with law enforcement as well as […]


Can John Hinckley be charged with homicide in death of James Brady?

, , , , , , ,!/craigcalcaterra/status/497850727558287360 Multiple media outlets are reporting that former White House Press Secretary James Brady’s death has been ruled a homicide. He passed away earlier this week — more than 33 years after being shot by John Hinckley Jr. during an assassination attempt on President Reagan.!/NBCNightlyNews/status/497848300192956418!/nbcwashington/status/497849277675483137!/ABC7Jennifer/status/497847038856658944 Needless to say, the medical examiner’s ruling has come as […]


Young progressives dance to reduce gun violence

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VIDEO: Young leaders join @genprogress in a dance performance to #fight4the33 & reduce gun violence – — Cory Booker (@CoryBooker) April 19, 2014 New Jersey Sen. Cory Booker is steering his followers toward Generation Progress and an interpretive dance that will help reduce gun violence. #fight4the33 refers to the 33 people reported murdered with […]


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