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‘Watch the tongues please!’ Gabby Giffords shows that creepiness is bipartisan [pic]

, , , ,!/GOPartyOfNOing/status/480044849970675712 We may not care much for Gabby Giffords’ politics, but when it comes to a good tweet, we’ll give credit where credit is due. And we’ve gotta say, this tweet is pretty darn good:!/GabbyGiffords/status/480043901278224385 Happy Friday, kids!!/bennyjohnson/status/480044466267762688 *** Related: Twitchy coverage of Gabby Giffords Read more:


Professor Al Sharpton dons lab coat, pwns climate change deniers

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@msnbc @TheRevAl yeah… This picture gives climate change credibility #eyeroll — Andy Patterson (@pattandyerson) January 4, 2014 Just how confused are global warming deniers? They’re probably pretty confused today, what with snow pounding the East Coast and a group of global warming scientists trapped in ice in Antarctica. Fortunately, Al Sharpton was able to find […]


Unlike Times Square, Here's A New York Tourist Attraction That Doesn't Make Me Hate Everything

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This park is so far underground you have to import the sun. Good thing these guys invented new solar technology to do just that. This is gonna be awesome.  Here’s how the science works: Read more:


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