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10 Fascinating Facts About Cookies

As we grow older, the holidays often become stressful, with fatalities at Black Friday sales, feasts to prepare, presents to wrap, and the arrival of your weird uncle. But all it takes to bring you back to those innocent years tinged with wonder is a whiff of fresh baked cookies, ready for the arrival of […]


How To Eat An Ear Of Corn In Under Ten Seconds

Video available at: Via 2. In case you missed it: View this image › View this image › View this image › View this image › And there you go. You’ve eaten corn. Read more:


Why Bacon Is The Most Important Food That Has Ever Existed

1. This is bacon. Beautiful, smoky, salty bacon. View this image › Via 2. And these are the facts about bacon. The real facts. The SIZZLING TRUTH. Video available at: 3. Move over, pansy. You’re cool, but you’re no bacon. View this image › Frazer Harrison / Getty Images 4. BACON. View this […]


38 Things You Will Only See At The International Pizza Expo

1. The pizza doctor: View this image › 2. Pizza making instructions in sign language: View this image › 3. A giant cocktail glass filled with a huge can of tomato paste: View this image › 4. This guy: View this image › 5. A literal pizza face: View this image › 6. A bunch […]


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