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Nevada gives up on state Obamacare exchange, wants ‘federal grants’ for fixes

, , ,!/justkarl/status/468834949617815553 Heh. For just a “local” story, this one sure has some pretty disastrous national implications. Nevada, like Oregon, has decided to drop its own state-run Obamacare exchange in favor of Because great success!!/sarahkliff/status/468833877474422784 But throwing in the towel doesn’t come cheap:!/twilabrase/status/468834812267364353 From the Las Vegas Review-Journal: The board of the Silver State Health […]


White House credits Obamacare with helping slow rise of health care costs

, , , , , , ,!/RBPundit/status/420302946463526912 The White House and top Democrats were quick today to applaud a new federal report showing that 2009 to 2012 saw the slowest growth in U.S. health care expenditures since the 1960s. White House senior communications advisor Tara McGuinness also tweeted out the good news, complete with graph.!/redsteeze/status/420315900320182272 NBC News reports that, “while the […]


Gov. John Kasich ‘takes pro-Obamacare rhetoric a step further,’ clarifies

, ,!/JohnEkdahl/status/524352719075958785 The last time we saw the word “welp” used in conjunction with Ohio Gov. John Kasich — (precisely, “Welp, so much for that guy”) — was in an article about a group in anti-Common Core T-shirts who were allegedly denied entry into a Kasich campaign event. So we’re not too excited to find out […]


Pelosi says 9.5 million now covered thanks to O-care; Byron York has reality check

, , , , ,!/Steve_Jaye/status/450651452571021312 Nancy Pelosi is gushing today over an article in the LA Times:!/NancyPelosi/status/450650031679606784 Just last week, the Dems were rejoicing over a purported 6 million “enrollees.”!/PydePypper/status/450650783781228544 That’s quite a leap.!/ommfgr/status/450651700794122241!/winojanet/status/450651354550132736 Well, the Dems have made it quite clear that facts just aren’t important to them. But we’re open-minded. We’re willing to consider where […]


79% of those who bought a marketplace plan have gotten financial assistance

, , , ,!/sdistef/status/422882200552751106 A report released today by the Department of Health and Human Services shows that more than three-quarters of people who purchased an insurance plan through the Obamacare insurance marketplace will be receiving federal financial assistance in paying their premiums. HHS: 79% of those signing up for a PLAN under OBAMACARE sought out supplemental assistance from […]


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