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‘Racist dogwhistle?’ City of New York tweets ‘candle safety’ advice for Kwanzaa revelers

, , , ,!/CatsPolitics/status/416248472091000832 Today’s the first day of Kwanzaa, and the City of New York decided to remind local revelers about the importance of practicing safe candle: The tweet’s been deleted, but we’re still feeling its burn.!/redsteeze/status/416252074678968321 Here’s what @nycgov had to say about other wintertime holidays where candles could make an appearance:!/nycgov/status/415505147079700480!/nycgov/status/415822183991369728!/nycgov/status/415859749549510656 […]


So, who’s dressing as Ebola for Halloween this year? [photos]

, , , , ,!/showsTAUpper/status/524485565216206849 This year’s most controversial Halloween costume looks to be the Ebola hazmat suit, with at least one company selling a version online dubbed “the most ‘viral’ costume” of the year: Controversial (and inevitable) Ebola-inspired Halloween costume has hit stores: — New York Post (@nypost) October 15, 2014 But is this too soon? Here’s the […]


‘An icon for equality’: Celebs pay tribute to Nelson Mandela

, , , ,!/OpieRadio/status/408729218588356608 Yes, Nelson Mandela was a very big deal. The death today of the anti-apartheid activist, political prisoner and former president of South Africa touched the lives of millions. Celebrities too, several of whom had met the man, were united in their praise of Mandela, paying tribute though Twitter.!/sharonstone/status/408728866476134401!/MrChuckD/status/408728531355435008!/MrChuckD/status/408727757036597248!/moonfrye/status/408728670069473280!/David_Boreanaz/status/408728559516016640!/stephenfry/status/408727866445414400 […]


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