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Shock: George Bush’s portraits sourced from readily available photographs

, ,!/RosieGray/status/453666736353869824 What’s so funny? BuzzFeed’s Rosie Gray has stumbled upon some “incredible scoopage” from website Animal New York.!/moneyries/status/453666425652396032 Yes, that’s the incredible scoopage. Animal has uncovered that George W. Bush’s 30 paintings of world leaders were sourced from photographs easily found through a Google search — often, the first photo that popped up.!/redsteeze/status/453672489114402816!/spongeworthy2/status/453674202261123072 […]


Breaking: Balcony or ceiling collapses at Apollo Theatre in London; Rescue underway; Police report ‘a number of casualties’

, , , , ,!/realtimwilliams/status/413771503176777729 London police are reporting casualties:!/dannews/status/413769855930605568 Twitchy will update this post with additional details. * * * This tweeter says it was part of the ceiling, not the balcony, that collapsed [editor’s note: we have updated our headline accordingly].!/J_L_Pickering/status/413768527058051072 There are reports that people are trapped underneath the collapsed ceiling or balcony:!/LondonTheatre1/status/413771538324680705 […]


‘Slo-mo ballet Nazis?’ ‘Painful’ D-Day interpretive dance routine baffles [video]

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Please tell me that they didn't reenact #DDay70 with an interpretive dance. #pleasepleaseplease — Matt (@mdrache) June 6, 2014 Have you ever thought to yourself, “You know, what D-Day commemorations really need is more interpretive dance”? If yes, then today’s your lucky day. Imagine if 70 years ago we'd told them one day we'll remember […]


Hilarious Internet Reactions to the Botched Ecce Homo Restoration

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When an 81-year-old amateur restorer Cecilia Giménez tried to restore the 19th Century Spanish Fresco ‘Ecce Homo’ little did she know that her work would become a worldwide media sensation. At first, the authorities in Borja suspected vandalism, but it turns out that she worked with the approval of the priest. The well-intentioned Spanish woman […]


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