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House Dems use smartphones, iPads to demand apology from Rep. Darrell Issa

, , , , , , , ,!/frankthorpNBC/status/444227928315154432 Democrats in Congress today held a protest, using iPhones, iPads and laptops to display photos of Rep. Darrell Issa cutting off Rep. Elijah Cummings’ microphone at last week’s House Oversight Committee hearing at which Lois Lerner pleaded the Fifth.!/KerryPicket/status/444227778381352960!/CraigCaplan/status/444231819156652032!/ChadPergram/status/444228947262201856!/ChadPergram/status/444229605688225792!/ChadPergram/status/444234955275915264 The Congressional Black Caucus last week called for Issa’s removal as […]


Sen. Cruz asks Sen. Menendez if Obama slept night of Benghazi attack [video]

, , , , , , ,!/quinnbowman/status/465964229661437952 During an exchange on the Senate floor, Republican Sen. Ted Cruz, calling for the Senate to join the House in investigating Benghazi, had some questions about the night of the attack. Cruz asked Democrat Sen. Menendez if President Obama slept the night of September 11, 2012. Here’s the response Menendez offered:!/ShannonBream/status/465966960166322176 Really? Here’s […]


‘My Volt’s on fire’: #SomethingALiberalMightSay offerings ring familiar

,!/Patriot_Musket/status/422775408157671426 The #SomethingALiberalMightSay hashtag has been coasting along for a few hours now on Twitter. Here’s a sampling of the offerings, and more than a few sound awfully familiar:!/CandiLissa/status/422594794095775746!/Voxpopuli99/status/422790493316317184!/Stings600/status/422760343933186049!/racoker/status/422805723429736448!/blackrepublican/status/422769182191517696!/Shaughn_A/status/422595367239028736!/PatrioticViking/status/422770342026027008!/KDamageInc/status/422595530905387008!/blackrepublican/status/422769280413732864!/izzyjsmom/status/422597909759000576!/methuselaschild/status/422598901967757312!/corbinallred/status/422600852717981697!/MoneyMyPassion/status/422601614415785986!/unaccounted_4/status/422604415707529216!/blackrepublican/status/422769703518367744 We’ll close with a little something for Al Gore & company: […]


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