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‘Dangerous but pretty’: Ice storm hits Oklahoma [photos]

, ,!/JournoMaggie/status/414493777638588417 Tulsa, Okla., was ground zero for Winter Storm Gemini, which hit the area Friday night. Though the current storm is considered less serious than the devastating ice storm that hit the area in 2007, it certainly left its mark.!/drewbreese/status/414449363406962688!/JonDopplerWX/status/414424692754096129!/boyerweather/status/414330163896152064!/dganeshm/status/414441477595332609!/JonCFennych/status/414482941452902400 Norman, Okla. was in the path of the storm as […]


Bette Midler envisions location of Summer Olympics due to ‘climate change’

, , , , ,!/babs721/status/514054014657646592 Bette Midler is sounding the alarm that “climate change” is getting worse, and as you can see many agree in their own unique ways. What could the future hold? UB meeting this week to discuss Climate Change after hottest summer ever. At this rate we'll be holding Summer Olympics in Antarctica soon.. — Bette […]


Obama admin. to permit wind farm eagle deaths; Citizens rip green hypocrisy

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White House: "Its Ok to kill eagles…to save the environment." @AP_Politics @Outhere — Lefty Bollocks (@LeftyBollocks) December 6, 2013 The Obama administration announced that for the next three decades the Department of the Interior will not prosecute operators of wind farms whose turbines kill eagles, supposedly in an attempt to avoid discouraging investment in that […]


Newt Gingrich says John Kerry ‘making policy in a fantasy world’

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The most direct reaction to kerrey's global warming speech is to ask if he is completely out of touch with reality. — Newt Gingrich (@newtgingrich) February 18, 2014 Addressing an audience in Indonesia this week, Secretary of State John Kerry declared that climate change “ranks right up there” with other global concerns such as terrorism, […]


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