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‘HAHA!’ How did NY Post blast President Funeral Selfie, FLOTUS? [pic]

, , , ,!/newsbrittany/status/410761318048616449 Gasping giggles! Classic indeed. As Twitchy reported, President Obama thought that  the memorial service for Nelson Mandela would be a great time to take a funeral selfie with some buddies. FLOTUS was not amused. This Twitter user was not amused by the New York Post’s instant classic of a front page.!/davevanb/status/410760480568135680 Too far? […]


Celebs urging the uninsured to #GetCovered don’t earn points for creativity


#GetCovered at this moment so you put yourself in the best place for the next moment. — George Lopez (@georgelopez) December 12, 2013 Many celebs took to Twitter to urge people to #GetCovered under Obamacare. For people who might pride themselves on being in “creative” fields of endeavor, you’ll notice that a lot of […]


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