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Rutgers student unloads on ‘#NoRice morons’ that ‘hijacked graduation’

, , , , , ,!/redsteeze/status/462649362133569536 That’s how it works, right? In March, the Rutgers student government voted 25-17 in favor of the decision to invite former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice to speak at the university’s commencement ceremony. But after a small group of faculty and students shrieked “war criminal” for weeks, Rice canceled her speech and said she […]


NewsBusters’ Noel Sheppard live-tweets from hospital

, ,!/NoelSheppard/status/424639511344467968 NewsBusters associate editor Noel Sheppard found himself unexpectedly tweeting from the emergency room and a hospital bed Saturday.!/NoelSheppard/status/424665276530315264!/NoelSheppard/status/424676595589464064!/NoelSheppard/status/424680164086530048!/NoelSheppard/status/424680620967874561 Take that, haters.!/NoelSheppard/status/424686211559854080!/NoelSheppard/status/424692180545183745!/NoelSheppard/status/424713062273536000!/NoelSheppard/status/424715918942674944!/NoelSheppard/status/424735436108754944 We at Twitchy send our best wishes for a quick recovery. Read more:


Insane: Rumors of #LouisvillePurge burn up the #LouisvillePoliceScanner

, ,!/agpeter01/status/500492093328875521 Never mind the deluge of crazy news this week; there’s always room for more if you have the imagination. Early Saturday morning, #LouisvillePoliceScanner topped Twitter’s trending topics, with #LouisvillePurge also making appearances. WKYT reports: Louisville Police say they’re now investigating a teenager accused of starting “Purge” rumors in the city. Police also say they […]


‘Dreamers,’ Chris Christie? Gov. draws fire for pandering to illegal immigrants [pic, video]

, ,!/GovChristie/status/420621153829683201 New Jersey already had DREAM Act legislation, and today, Governor Christie ceremonially signed the Immigrant Tuition Act:!/CBSPhilly/status/420620651708178432 The bill, which was actually signed last month, is meant to lower in-state college tuition costs for illegal immigrant students. The governor certainly looks pleased:!/GovChristie/status/420629571386363904 And he’s getting the thumbs-up from some:!/JWO_THRODL/status/420629060973105152!/RobTornoe/status/420621675349020673 But […]


MJ Rosenberg uses Fort Hood murders to attack Andrew Breitbart; Deletes tweets

, , ,!/MelissaTweets/status/451522721021566976 MJ Rosenberg, anti-Semite former Media Matters writer, ex Democrat staffer and current HuffPo blogger, used Wednesday’s Fort Hood murders as a disgusting opportunity to attack the late Andrew Breitbart. The first tweet Rosenberg deleted reveals his continued flat-out hate for Breitbart (screen shot via Gateway Pundit): The tweet’s subsequent disappearance was noticed:!/buddylovejr/status/451531529177415681 Ah, […]


‘Said he was God’: Man rams dump truck into Baltimore news station [live tweets, pics]; Update: Suspect in custody

, , , , , ,

Prayers of safety to @ABC2NEWS #Baltimore #Towson. Person rammed station with dump truck. Potential armed suspect. — Tia Howard (@theallergymama) May 13, 2014 Baltimore-area news station WMAR has been evacuated after a man — possibly armed — rammed a dump truck into the building multiple times. Front lobby of #ABC2 Baltimore after dump truck drove […]


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