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Boob Twerking Is The New Next-Level Twerking

1. Move over butt twerking. View this image › 2. There’s a new, cool sexy dance in townnnnnn…. View this image › WERK. 3. This is Sara X, and she’s out to change the world with boob twerking. BOOB. TWERKING. View this image › She looks a little bored, no? 4. Watch […]


21 Ways To Make Your Broken & Boring Jewelry Sparkle Again

View this image › Julie Gerstein/ 1. Pack necklaces with a straw to prevent tangling. View this image › John Lawton / Via 2. If necklaces are too thick for the straw method, use Press’n Seal saran wrap. View this image › Kathleen Kamphausen / Via 3. Sprinkle already knotted chains with baby […]


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