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14 Questions About Mpreg You Were Too Embarrassed To Ask

1. What IS Mpreg, anyway? View this image › Mpreg is the term for a genre of art and literature where a man is pregnant. 2. Why is it called Mpreg? Great question. Mpreg is a shortened version of male pregancy. M(ale)Preg(nancy). 3. Wait, I thought men couldn’t be pregnant. How does this work? […]


Anonymous’ Anti-CISPA Campaign Falters

View this image › On Friday, Anonymous sent out a plea using the hashtag #CISPABlackout for an internet-wide blackout — scheduled for today — in protest of the Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act (CISPA), which the House passed on Thursday. CISPA allows websites to share un-anonymized private information with one another and the government, […]


The Obama Photoshop Rumors That Won’t Die

View this image › Via Flickr: whitehouse It’s a simple, iconic photo: just 13 people in a room, staring intently at something both terrible and important happening just off-screen. But in the year since the photo was released, it’s been the subject of a surprising amount of controversy. It’s been memed, Photoshopped to an all-male […]


16 Kickstarter Projects That Could Destroy Civilization As We Know It

1. The Space Elevator View this image › This project has been in the news all day, a 2km space elevator designed to hover over the moon first, and then eventually earth. The founders sound legit, but isn’t this the sort of thing you might want to let NASA handle? If my cousin’s modern […]


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