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Google freaking people out with purchase of military robot developer

, , ,!/rainnwilson/status/412624864550191104 It probably doesn’t help matters that publications like Bloomberg Businessweek are announcing the news with headlines like, “Google Just Bought Some Really Creepy Military Robots.” Or that ABC News is announcing, “Google Buys Boston Dynamics, Gets a Bunch of Scary Robots.” It’s true, though, that Google has picked up another robotics company; this time, […]


‘Should be illegal!’ See Obama’s latest ‘embarrassing’ selfie [photo]

, , ,!/lukerpher/status/460405092781670400 Well, that isn’t going to happen any time soon, evidently. President Selfie strikes again. This time with the Malaysian prime minister.!/jaketapper/status/460404811167711232 Sigh. Twitter users have just about had it with these embarrassing displays.!/Mswilcat/status/460405315201400833!/blueice67/status/460406143823933441!/AlOraibi/status/460408139024977921 Seriously. Is there a way to stop this?!/GPollowitz/status/460405572924612608 Heh. This Twitter user provides a great exit […]


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