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Top members of Ahrar al-Sham reported killed in suicide attack

, , ,!/hxhassan/status/509397308002164736 The leader and top commanders of Syrian Islamist insurgents Ahrar al-Sham have been killed in a suicide attack Tuesday. The BBC reports: Hassan Abboud, the leader of the Syrian Islamist insurgents Ahrar al-Sham has been killed with other top commanders in a bomb blast at a meeting. Activists say a suicide bomber detonated a vest […]


Not over: After officer shot, protesters head back to Ferguson police station [photos, video]

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Report to #Ferguson PD asap. We need y'all here. Not there. — brittany. (@bdoulaoblongata) September 28, 2014 Meanwhile at the police station… “@deray: Police advance. #ferguson” — Antonio French (@AntonioFrench) September 28, 2014 It’s half past midnight in Ferguson. A police officer has been shot. The suspects are still on the loose. But agitators are […]


Reports: US Embassy in Afghanistan locked down after explosions heard

, , , ,!/NewsThisSecond/status/465657707450867712 There are reports that multiple explosions heard at or near Kabul International Airport prompted a lockdown at the US Embassy in the city:!/NewsThisSecond/status/465661769760129025 The reports of the number of rockets or mortars that were fired toward the airport vary:!/SangarRahimi/status/465662172128092160!/JamesOrr4/status/465657940095946754!/Amie_FR/status/465654375696711680!/AminPirouzi/status/465663638095675392 Read more:


‘No blood for mohel!’ Anti-circumcision ‘intactivists’ descend on DC [pics]

,!/kylegrzegor21/status/449279947677655040 Because there’s nothing else to be concerned about in Washington, D.C.:!/HoosierChrisJ/status/449274582537867264 This is not a drill:!/UrbanAchievr/status/449280572712824832!/KamrynnWeber/status/449242663238520832!/NRichyourlife/status/449278789567397888 This guy’s getup is a cut above the rest:!/TeresaRusin/status/449266884094197760 Penis puns, anyone?!/Bencjacobs/status/449235601142087681!/TheGanManCan/status/449236678340014080!/dan_dodd/status/449242858508144640 Ain’t that the truth. Read more:


Maybe he meant ‘lip balm?’ Twitter users buzz about Aldon Smith’s ‘bomb threat’

,!/ejanke24/status/455530251330670592 Whoa. San Francisco 49er Aldon Smith has reportedly been arrested for making comments about a ‘bomb’ at Los Angeles International Airport.!/ABC7/status/455516072175620096 Twitter users wonder if maybe he meant…something else?!/IamDbills/status/455530320943521795!/jireland80/status/455491556234260480!/BIG_JUICE_LEE/status/455530360109944832!/emilayamei/status/455511821940555776!/MBurkie19/status/455505223797071872 He could face a year behind bars.!/mwotus31/status/455514063679025152!/MaioccoCSN/status/455517640904015872!/MaioccoCSN/status/455534140494856192 Reckless terrorist travel threats seem to be a thing […]


Greenwald: Canada’s ‘wallowing in war glory’ caused terrorist attacks

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Greenwald: "we shouldn't be surprised" by 25 y/o white French Quebec Muslim converts killing Canadian soldiers over invading "their country" — David Burge (@iowahawkblog) October 22, 2014 The left, especially journalists, seem pathologically incapable of seeing Islamic radicalism as the cause of violence in any situation. Islamist fanatics only attack the west because the west […]


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