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Cellphones aren't the only thing distracting Austin drivers.

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13 responses to “Cellphones aren't the only thing distracting Austin drivers.”

  1. hahathatisfunny says:


  2. ItsOnlyaMatterOfTime says:

    “And you don’t much look like a steer to me so that kinda narrows it down!”

  3. pfhorrest says:

    I agree heartily with your sentiment but I’m confused: this seems to be a picture of someone in Austin smoking, so why would you move there?

  4. shitthatstakentoo says:

    Don’t be scared buddy come on up! Also, bring some of that god damn delicious Mexican food with you

  5. pfhorrest says:

    Oh. My sympathies. 🙁 I can’t seem to leave my house just once without running into a smoker. Or stay in my house for that matter…

  6. JesyouJesmeJesus says:

    really quirky. Now it’s overrun with shitty live music and new residents trying to “experience Austin”. It’s a pretty okay place. (2/2)

  7. gribblet says:

    Perfect for enjoying the time to yourself and introspecting! Everyone needs a break from constant distractions to be w just their thoughts.

  8. PotatoHamer says:

    So he decided to toke while in front of them. The definition of not giving a shit ..

  9. dbrsong says:

    Hard to do. People use it as a crutch because they are weak. Just say to yourself I’m not a smoker and I don’t like cigarettes, every time

  10. hadji says:

    This is why potheads ruin it. Treat it like booze. Be responsible. Don’t toke and drive.

  11. SkyHSmith says:

    Is that Toronto Mayor Rob Ford smoking crack in his car again?

  12. AssManProctologist says:

    I don’t have a radio so sometimes I have one headphone in turned down low with my window down.

  13. gribblet says:

    It’s possible to think *and* drive simultaneously. At least, I hope this is a normal skill…

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