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Chill alert: Newly elected Egyptian president threatens to take over Israel; Update: Allen West calls on US to cut aid; Update: Correction: Speaker was cleric, not Morsi!/manderle16/status/216765900114767873

That did not take long. As soon as the Muslim Brotherhood candidate was officially pronounced the president of Egypt, he began to boast about how the movement should be located in Jerusalem.

RT @HeyTammyBruce: A message from the new 'moderate' Muslim Bhood prez of Egypt: They're gonna take over Israel

— WhiteHousePressCorps (@whpresscorps) June 24, 2012

Take a look:

Many are not fooled by the Obama administration’s cataclysmic foreign policy that has allowed such threats to be made without pending consequences from the United States.

Obama helped throw out U.S. ally in Egypt knowing radicals would take over. It happened and they want to now end Israel. Thanks Obama.

— Jimmy Simpson (@informedblackmn) June 24, 2012

So we're sitting back letting Egypt get taken over by a fanatic group who wants to take Jerusalem away from Israel … #obama2012

— Stephen Parks (@parksspot) June 24, 2012

Obama's friends 'The Muslim Brotherhood' take over in Egypt! Israel had better prepare to ready forces as they are surrounded by enemies!

— R W Tucker (@adkhermit) June 24, 2012

To everyone that doesn't understand what happened in Egypt real quick….Mubarak had been helping to keep the peace between Israel and Eygpt

— Wayne Dupree ★彡 (@WayneDupreeShow) June 24, 2012

Meanwhile, Israel says it is seeking cooperation with Egypt and appreciates the democratic process.

Israel appreciates the democratic process in Egypt and respects the results of the presidential elections. 1/3

— PM of Israel (@IsraeliPM) June 24, 2012

Congressman Allen West says the United States should now cut all foreign aid going to Egypt.

‘Repudiate the Muslim Brotherhood’: Allen West Calls for Obama to Immediately Cut All American Foreign Aid to E

— Todd Osborne (@ctoddosborne) June 24, 2012


The speaker in that clip was misidentified as Egypt’s new president, Mohamed Morsi. It was actually a cleric, speaking at a Morsi rally in May. More from

Read more at: Middle East Media Research Institute. NOTE: The speaker in this clip was previously misidentified as new Egyptian president Mohammed Morsi. It is actually Egyptian cleric Safwat Higazi, introducing Morsi’s campaign on May 1.

Still, the fears remain.

Israel jittery after Brotherhood victory in Egypt – CBS News

— Headline News (@Headlined_org) June 24, 2012


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