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CNN graphic labels Rubio’s water sip, ‘Career-Ender?’

Hmm, who would have guessed that the mainstream media would ignore the substance of Sen. Marco Rubio’s SOTU response and make the story all about his sip from a bottle of water? Everyone, actually. That settled, the only question remaining was how far they would take it. We’ll give CNN credit for adding a question mark, but the Chyron reading “CAREER-ENDER?” beneath a super-slow-mo replay of Rubio’s sip was a bit too much.

CNN you serious?…

— Ethan Klapper (@ethanklapper) February 13, 2013

Awkward, maybe, but career-ender? As in his position as a United States senator is in jeopardy?

IMPEACH! RT @samsteinhp: OMG, CNN chryon for the Rubio water drink clip: “Career Ender?”

— Elise Foley (@elisefoley) February 13, 2013

MSM hasn’t made this much of water since it was part of enhanced interrogation. RT @ethanklapper: CNN you serious?…

— S.E. Cupp (@secupp) February 13, 2013

And another thing. The question mark doesn’t make this any less stupid. RT @ethanklapper: CNN you serious?…

— S.E. Cupp (@secupp) February 13, 2013

Excellence in TV journalism: Not CNN RT @politicokevin Oh, come on, CNN. Chyron previewing segement on Rubio’s sip of water: “CAREER ENDER?”

— Geoffrey Skelley (@geoffreyvs) February 13, 2013

I’m sorry @cnn but I’m confused as to how someone taking a sip of water while talking is a career ender? #nothingelsetocriticize

— Britton Schirra (@BrittonSchirra) February 13, 2013

Predictable! @aburnspolitico: RT @politicokevin Oh, come on, CNN. Chyron previewing segement on Rubio’s sip of water: “CAREER ENDER?”

— Laura Ingraham (@IngrahamAngle) February 13, 2013

I think that CNN career ender chryon was right on. It is a career ender, only for the schmuck who wrote the chryon.

— Ben Jacobs (@Bencjacobs) February 13, 2013

this is what White House calls the “legitimate media.” Sip of water=career ender “@ethanklapper: CNN you serious?…

— kirsten powers (@kirstenpowers10) February 13, 2013

@charlescwcooke @ethanklapper Only a career ender if you work for Evian.

— Johnny Bearcat (@JohnnyBearcat) February 13, 2013

So @cnn, raising UE, never having a budget, $5T debt, killing an Ambassador…all ok. Drink of water is “career ender”? Wow. No bias, ever.

— Kevin Sandlin (@KEVIN8R) February 13, 2013

@guypbenson Perhaps Rubio should speculate about whether Wolf Blitzer asking the meaning of”pinned down” is a career ender.

— ryuge (@0ryuge) February 13, 2013

If Rubio had taken, say, a huge bite out of a turkey leg, then maybe we’d be in career-ender territory.

— Simon Maloy (@SimonMaloy) February 13, 2013

@simonmaloy Obama ate a dog. #2012nostalgia

— Sabrina Siddiqui (@SabrinaSiddiqui) February 13, 2013

I think that “Career Ender” chyron was supposed to go under Piers Morgan’s picture tonight.

— John Podhoretz (@jpodhoretz) February 13, 2013

We have a winner:

CNN asking if the drink of water was a career ender for Marco Rubio. Actually the career-ender would be if he got a show on CNN.

— Dave Rubin (@RubinReport) February 13, 2013

Update: If this guy’s career managed to survive, there might be hope for Rubio after all.

Can’t wait for the “Career-ender” chyron from @cnn for this guy.…

— Rschrim (@Rschrim) February 13, 2013

* * *

Update: CNN’s choice of words caused enough of a stir on social media to elicit a clarification of sorts.

CNN must be joking.

— Dylan Byers (@DylanByers) February 13, 2013

@dylanbyers We are joking, it was a tease.

— CNN Public Relations (@CNNPR) February 13, 2013

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