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Code Pink tries to get Condoleezza Rice arrested for war crimes at RNC!/codepink/status/240488235778859008

Who knew vaginas could carry handcuffs? The Code Pink brigade has just been itching to make a splash at the RNC, and splash they did. The incorrigible bunch of radical leftist feminists gathered outside of a building where Condoleezza Rice was attending an event and attempted to force their way in to make a citizens’ arrest of the former U.S. Secretary of State.

Code Pinkies dutifully documented the proceedings for their legions of fans:

Arrest the war criminal Condi Rice! @nancymancias

— CODEPINK (@codepink) August 28, 2012

Headed to the Straz theater to arrest Condi Rice #warcriminal @nancymancias #gop2012 @feminist_oryx

— CODEPINK (@codepink) August 28, 2012

One Entrance to place where war criminal Condi Rice will be is blocked, VIP entrance guarded by 2 rows of police #rnc

— CODEPINK (@codepink) August 28, 2012

Now: @medeabenjamin asks police to arrest Condi Rice #gop2012

— CODEPINK (@codepink) August 28, 2012

Arrest Condi, one of many responsible for the death of thousands of Iraqis! Next week: hold Obama accountable! #gop2012

— CODEPINK (@codepink) August 28, 2012

Today! @CODEPINK Protesters try to arrest Condoleezza Rice at RNC event, Read more: #gop2012 #rnc2012 @nancymancias

— CODEPINK (@codepink) August 28, 2012

Unfortunately for the ladies, today just wasn’t their day, and they left empty-handed:

Officers told protesters to leave because they were on private property. They went back to the sidewalk and several lay down under sheets made to look like they were blood-splattered.

After today’s Code Pink vagina-capades, the bloody-sheet imagery really doesn’t sit well. Please pass the mind bleach.

According to Politico, the Pinkies are vowing to push for the arrest of other Bush Administration officials. More Vaginas on Patrol? Oh, goody.

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