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Crumb and Get It! Conservatives urge ‘buycott’ of bakery that snubbed Biden!/exposeliberals/status/235952345714925568

When Joe Biden’s team approached the Crumb and Get It Cookie Company about hosting the vice president and his entourage, owner Chris McMurray respectfully declined. The three-month old Radford, Va., bakery could use the press, but when McMurray was asked why he refused Uncle Joe’s visit, he replied, “Very simply, ‘you didn’t build that.’”

Turns out, small business owners don’t like being told, “You didn’t bake that.” Who could have seen that coming?

The Secret Service reportedly appreciated McMurray’s bold stand.

Here’s the back story, we’re told that shortly after Crumb and Get It told Biden’s advance people ‘no’ — the secret service walked in and told Chris McMurray ”Thanks for standing up and saying ‘no’ — then they bought a whole bunch of cookies and cupcakes.

Naturally the right side of the Twittersphere is firmly on Team Crumb and Get It. Many tweeted support for the bakery and suggested that others patronize the fledgling business.

On the way to Crumb and Get It: the business that told Joe Biden "no thanks."

— Jeff Noble (@journeyguy) August 15, 2012

Kudos to Crumb and Get it! If you are in the area, please support this bakery! Funny that Sec. Service said thanks and bought cookies

— Michelle Haney (@haney_michelle) August 16, 2012

This "Crumb and Get It" bakery lady is awesome. Go buy her stuff if you're in Radford.

— Morgan Grace (@veracity81) August 16, 2012

If I were local, I'd go buy from Crumb and Get It. Since I'm not, I think I'll just send them a check!

— practigal (@practigal) August 16, 2012

Great suggestion for the GOP:

If the @GOP is smart, they'll have Crumb and Get It bakery cater every dessert at the @GOPConvention

— Cameron Gray (@Cameron_Gray) August 16, 2012

If you’d like to thank Crumb and Get It’s owner for sticking to his principles, you can find him on Twitter at @pastorchrismc.

Sooper Mexican suggests other ways you can support Crumb and Get It.

Tell Chris you appreciate him sticking up to Joe Biden! “Like” his Facebook page!!

And if you or someone you know is near Radford, Virginia, make sure to drop by and buy a cookie for America! They’re located at 1154 East Main Street, Radford, VA.

Hundreds of Facebook users have already taken Sooper’s suggestion.

@jtLOL Check out Crumb and Get It's facebook page. Inundated with mail order requests!

— Melanie (@mrussRSF) August 16, 2012

**Yesterday, the cookie bakery that passed on Joe Biden's photo opp had 295 likes – today they have nearly 2,000: #tcot

— el Sooper (@SooperMexican) August 16, 2012

How ’bout we add a few thousand more likes?

YOU MUST go this businesses' facebook page and LIKE them!!! Meet the guy who kicked Joe Biden's visit to the curb!!!

— el Sooper (@SooperMexican) August 15, 2012


UPDATE: After declining Biden stop yesterday, Radford bakery ran out of food today- (Crumb and Get It!)

— RNC (@GOP) August 16, 2012

Congrats to Crumb and Get It for a very successful day.

Crumb and Get It” in Radford had to shut down at 1:15 p.m. Thursday because they ran out of food.

Update: A U.S. Secret Service spokesman denies that any Secret Service personnel thanked McMurray for saying “no” to the vice president’s visit.

UPDATE: Secret Service denies thanking "Crumb and Get it" business-owner who rejected Biden's visit; 9000 likes on FB:

— el Sooper (@SooperMexican) August 17, 2012

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