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Eric Bolling of ‘Cashin’ In’ loves Rush Limbaugh’s ratings perspective

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To trend >worldwide< at #3 is amazing for a 30-minute TV show. #CashinIn @ericbolling @JonathanHoenig @MichelleFields

— Prof. Nick Flor (@ProfessorF) September 13, 2014

Eric Bolling of Fox News’ “Cashin’ In” and “The Five” passed along some interesting ratings information with a little help from Rush Limbaugh.

#Cashinin and Rush Limbaugh team up and open the can of WHOOP-ASS on CNN and MSNBC

— ericbolling (@ericbolling) September 13, 2014

ICYMI: @rushlimbaugh comments about #CashinIn, see here: … (via @JesseJaneDuff)

— ericbolling (@ericbolling) September 13, 2014

Limbaugh put the ratings for “Cashin’ In” into perspective in comparison with CNN and MSNBC:

#CashinIn needs an hour! Rush! @townhallcom! @JonathanHoenig More Views…Every CNN PT #tcot

— Janie Johnson (@jjauthor) September 13, 2014

Saturday Fox cable show #CashinIn has more viewers than CNN and MSNBC combined, during prime time. #Rush #tcot Over 1 million viewers.

— David Bugnon (@DavidBugnon) September 13, 2014

@ericbolling Love it that #CashinIn has more viewers than all @MSNBC and @CNN primetime shows. People like common sense conservatism. #tcot

— Stephen F Scherb (@SteveScherb) September 13, 2014

@ericbolling @RobertGBeckel #CashinIn with a Rush clip. #CashinIn beat all week night prime time shows on @CNN

— Dennis Wayne (@DennizNasty) September 13, 2014


Many viewers want a full hour:

Dear @ericbolling, Please ask your boss to make #CashinIn an hour long program. Sincerely, Every Viewer

— Arianna (@onlyarianna) September 13, 2014

An hour? I could watch it forever to be honest. #CashinIn

— Christa (@MissCongress) September 13, 2014

#cashinin @ericbolling Great show today! Make it an hour.

— Kip White (@kipster123) September 13, 2014

@ericbolling Along with making #Cashinin an hour long show. Push to make #thefive and #outnumbered two hours. 🇺🇸

— para407 (@ffpara) September 13, 2014

Saturday is incomplete If not watching #cashinin. @ericbolling covers Everything important to us! Make it an hour!!

— Paula Lambert (@bluegirlvi) September 13, 2014

@ericbolling Why aren't we doing this for an hour #CashinIn ? @JonathanHoenig @MichelleFields @FoxNews

— janet (@janetdubay) September 13, 2014

Michelle Fields agrees:

UGHH. We need an hour #cashinin

— Michelle Fields (@MichelleFields) September 13, 2014

Meanwhile, MSNBC’s poor ratings were explained:

I don't think Chris Matthews' mom even watches Msnbc…@marymeyers4 @ericbolling #CashinIN

— DinahLord (@DinahLord) September 13, 2014

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