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FLOTUS flub: Michelle Obama accidentally labels herself a ‘single mother’

In an interview with Vermont CBS affiliate WCAX today, Michelle Obama referred to herself as a “busy, single mother” before realizing her mistake and correcting herself.

Anything else you want to share with the class, Michelle?

Since whenMichelle FLOTUS Obama is a SINGLE MOM???… #obama #Flotus #weird

— Kali (@TdKali) April 5, 2013

Payback for FLOTUS calling herself a single mom. “@rsmccain: Shorter Obama: Kamala Harris is the smokin’ hotness…

— Lloyd Christmis (@LloydChristmis) April 5, 2013

FLOTUS says she’s totally just like a single mom. Funny, I don’t recall having luxury vacations or servants or a free mansion.

— Denise Russell (@DRussell76) April 4, 2013

Michelle Obama calls herself a “busy single mother”… @flotus stop taking so many bloody separate vacations!

— ShariaGenocide (@herself311) April 4, 2013

We single moms have to stick together, Michelle Obama. You must have it so rough. #Solidarity

— Stevie J. West (@StevieJWest) April 5, 2013

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