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Fore! Golfer-in-chief takes time from his campaign to hit the links!/EmilyMiller/status/224530942767796224

Usually an incumbent president will take time out of his campaign to, you know, do his job. But since the concept of a job seems foreign to President Obama, he decides to play golf instead. Today, his golfing destination is Fort Belvoir in Virginia, a swing state in which he has been feverishly campaigning recently.

More golf is what endears Obama to VA RT @markknoller: Three days in a row in Virginia for Pres Obama including golf today at Ft. Belvoir.

— EyeOnFreedom (@EyeOnFreedom) July 15, 2012

Obama priorities reelection and golf

— Linda Davis (@Linda_Davis) July 15, 2012

QUESTION: How does Romney's Golf record stand up to Obama's? Or does he play? #curious

— TPBGirl™ (@TPBGirl) July 15, 2012

Yay! Golf! RT @mboyle1: Guess what America? President Obama is golfing again today! #jobsjobsjobs

— Rachel Veronica (@rachelveronica) July 15, 2012

How about taking a break from golf and campaigning for a round of Presidenting? RT @thehill Obama takes break from campaign for (cont…

— DancesWithPumas (@DancesWithPumas) July 15, 2012

Of course, the double-standard in coverage is blatantly evident.

@EmilyMiller Yet ABC has story yesterday of Romney lounging with his iPad while Obama working campaigning. Won't see this comparison today.

— Biker Guy (@GrodenBiker) July 15, 2012

We feel a hastag coming on. How about #ForeMoreYears?

.@SamSeder, you know CFO stands for Chief Failure Officer, right? Obama is doing a kickass job at that. #ForeMoreYears

— TheH2 (@TheH2) July 15, 2012

Obama is taking a break from his busy campaign schedule today to play his 102nd golf game as president. #foremoreyears (via @EmilyMiller)

— Stephen Roberts (@TheStephenR) July 15, 2012

@keithkoffler #foremoreyears

— Brian Folks (@RightFolks) July 15, 2012

Mr. Obama is making a huge effort to court the all-important PGA Tour constituency.

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