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Hashtag hijack! Obama slogan ‘forward not back’ becomes #ForwardNotBarack!/TheKristinBlack/status/253715409663053825

Oh, the giggles just keep coming today. Does it get any more schadenfreudelicious than this?

President Obama: "I still believe in you, and I’m asking you to keep believing in me. I’m asking for your vote." #ForwardNotBack

— Barack Obama (@BarackObama) October 4, 2012

Twitter users were quick to mock.

#ForwardNotBack = Leninesque much? Oh, we'll go forward…#forward to Obama's defeat! #tcot

— Gabriella Hoffman (@Gabby_Hoffman) October 4, 2012

#ForwardNotBack – Obama signed Lilly Ledbetter yet pays women in WH 18% less than men. Seems backwards 2 me. #FireObama

— Laura Freed (@heyLauraFreed) October 4, 2012

Team Obama will never, ever learn. Forward, not back? They keep going back and repeating total fail, and that includes hashtag fail.

#ForwardNotBack <—– Pathetic. Absolutely pathetic. You tools can't even promote a hashtag properly. Why? Because… #ForwardNotBarack

— LittleMissRightie (@LilMissRightie) October 4, 2012

Twitter users respond with a different rallying cry: #ForwardNotBarack

@LilMissRightie I love that OfA has paid for the hashtag ForwardNotBack. Time to jack with a new one: #ForwardNotBarack

— Kevin in ABQ (@KevinInABQ) October 4, 2012

@BarackObama After 4 years of an economy that is rotting from the middle out, how is this believable? Facts are stubborn. #ForwardNotBarack

— Jon Cline (@joncline) October 4, 2012

After watching last night's #debate, America clearly sees the way is #ForwardNotBarack

— Hugh Bris (@_HughBris) October 4, 2012

#ForwardNotBarack because our country will not survive four more years of a petulant stuttering inept man-child as Commander-In-Chief.

— LittleMissRightie (@LilMissRightie) October 4, 2012

#ForwardNotBarack because Brian Terry and Chris Stevens are dead and we still don't know the truth.

— Savannah the Bossy (@thesavvy) October 4, 2012

Because I don't want my son moving back home after he graduates from college in 2014. #ForwardNotBarack

— Charles Young (@CharlesTY) October 4, 2012

#ForwardNotBarack because I don't want trickle down government.

— Savannah the Bossy (@thesavvy) October 4, 2012

#ForwardNotBarack – cause all 57 states have sufferred enough.

— Mallamutt (@Mallamutt) October 4, 2012

#ForwardNOTBarack love that hashtag.

— Jerri Jones (@jcjones717) October 4, 2012

We do, too. Keep it coming, Twitter!

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