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Here Are The 36 Absolute Worst Things That Could Happen To You. What Was #26 Thinking?!

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Life sure does have a sense of humor. I can remember some really terrible things that have happened to me, and looking back, most are pretty hilarious in retrospect. Hopefully these people can say the same thing. Well maybe not this first guy… Wait! Did he just do that??

1. Wow, becoming a professional BMX rider is not in his future.

2. (Not) Happy Birthday?

3. You’re probably better off than this cat.

4. Arghhh.

5. He’s a professional? Right?

6. Well I know he’s definitely not!

7. Haha I wouldn’t want to be there either!

8. Carly Rae Jepsen ladies and gentleman.

9. “Grip with your toes!”

10. Swinger.

11. Foryo anyone?

12. What if this appeared on your shower out of NOWHERE?

13. So….close! And yet so…

14. At least we’ll end up somewhere “surprising.”

15. Ewwww.

16. This is why we can’t have anything nice.

17. What if you ran into this?!?!

18. Not funny.

19. I honestly don’t even know what I’d do.

20. Do you see it?

21. LOL

22. They seriously thought this picture was appropriate?

23. Fortune cookies for the eternally obvious, I guess.

24. #ThisGuy

25. Ya…that’s not happening.

26. Who in their right MIND?

27. Wow this duck really follows me everywhere…

28. Nothing worse than being “killed to death.”

29. “Hunny, we’re ordering pizza.”

30. The Sims really needs new mothers.

31. Imagine if this really was the next Star Wars…

32. No words.

33. Sigh…

34. Hehehe.

35. At least he’s polite.

36. Umm?

Well there you have it, folks. Hopefully you took notes and can avoid some of these “situations.” Otherwise, maybe you’ll end up here one day too!

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