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In feud with Reince Priebus, Michael Steele lets Daily Kos do the talking!/Steele_Michael/status/313760010377236480

Does Michael Steele miss his old gig as head of the Republican National Committee? For a while now, Steele has been floating the idea of running for the post again and has made no secret of his disapproval with his replacement, Reince Priebus.

Steele, now a political analyst for overwhelmingly liberally biased MSNBC, today tweeted a defense of his credentials from … Daily Kos? Are we sure it’s the RNC Steele would like to rejoin?

@steele_michael numbers don’t lie, you did a better job at the helm.

— Aphrodite Brown(@NVBdaMVP) March 18, 2013

@steele_michael but being the unapologetic liberal gal I am, I like you much better now as an analyst than as RNC chair

— Aphrodite Brown(@NVBdaMVP) March 18, 2013

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