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Jack Welch is rooting for the Celtics and Governor Walker!/jack_welch/status/210069719678595072

Jack Welch, author and former Chairman and CEO of General Electric, tweeted out his support of the Boston Celtics today. Oh, yeah, and Governor Walker!

These classy people weren’t too pleased.

.@jack_welch U R #UNAmerican ,then ~ glad U've outted urself and #RESTofUS know which side U R on ~ #KOCH pimpin' to the max, dude ~ #FuckU

— mommadona™ (@mommadona) June 5, 2012

Mr. Welch took it in stride and fought back with pesky things like facts and reasoning.

@zacharympatten You mean reducing deficit is bad for America..You can't mean that..Look at Greece and California

— Jack Welch (@jack_welch) June 5, 2012

@zacharympatten Walker did just that

— Jack Welch (@jack_welch) June 5, 2012

@sidneytopol Sid..Not in his time but Public Sector/ politician alliance has polluted collective bargaining today

— Jack Welch (@jack_welch) June 5, 2012

That is how you tweet support for someone. Take note, President Obama. If you can come out of hiding long enough to do so.

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