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‘Jay Carney finally became a man’: Press secretary now sporting a beard [pics]


Awww … looks like Jay Carney’s been hit by the puberty stick!!/markknoller/status/420254648738406400

Maybe his wife’s a fan, but it’s gonna take us some time to process this. And we’re not alone:!/BecketAdams/status/420254696171794432!/cynicusprime/status/420254999445123073!/TomMcCammon/status/420255923177656320!/mchastain81/status/420256011581018112!/GaltsGirl/status/420258663056420864!/IMAO_/status/420259209620369409!/BenHowe/status/420258277847339008!/RickSheridan/status/420255678628769792!/redsteeze/status/420255540598407168!/jbendery/status/420254535274094592!/ChrisBarnhart/status/420255192429232128

"Well I'm fresh out of ideas on Obamacare distractions guys..Any ideas?"

"I could grow a beard?"

"We're being serious here Jay… "— S.M (@redsteeze) January 06, 2014!/seanhackbarth/status/420255088267902977

So, now that he’s sporting the “Duck Dynasty” look, are we in store for a new and improved Jay Carney?


Editor’s note: This post has been updated with additional tweets.



Give it up for @PressSecBeard:!/PressSecBeard/status/420264075839287297



Twitchy coverage of Jay “Grizzly Adams” Carney

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