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Lefty: Va. GOP race like ‘F, marry, kill’ between Malkin, Hasselbeck and Palin

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Mike Dickinson is very real, and seething with hatred for all things Tea Party, not to mention women on the Right.

The self-described left-wing liberal claims he’s running to unseat Rep. Eric Cantor in Congress, and the repugnant Dickinson described the Republican ballot choices with a degrading “F, marry, kill” reference about Michelle Malkin, Elisabeth Hasselbeck and Sarah Palin:!/VoteMike2014/status/467029835878240257

But the Republicans are waging a “war on women”?

Dickinson, true to form, also referred to the Tea Party as “terrorist trash”:!/VoteMike2014/status/467029147790110720

This man needs an intervention.

Mediaite reported that Dickinson failed to meet the deadline and would not be on the ballot as a Democrat. Dickinson has claimed otherwise:!/VoteMike2014/status/455486098207416320



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