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Madonna to concert-goers in La., Texas: ‘Vote for Obama’; Fans report boos!/clint_galliano/status/262410742840569856

Oh, yes, this happened.

Madonna made an appeal for concert goers in New Orleans to vote for Obama, and was greeted with boos and a walkout. #StupidLiberalPerformers

— db (@CoachDB18) October 28, 2012

Madonna, desperately and bitterly trying to cling to relevance, told concert-goers that she doesn’t care who they vote for, as long as it’s Obama. Fans responded with, “Shut up and try to sing” in the form of boos and walk-outs.

Wow. Fans walked out of Madonna’s concert & booed her after she told concert goers to vote for Obama @mittromney 2012

— Jon Regas (@Jonx13) October 28, 2012

Friend at Madonna Concert in New Orleans tonight -Said Madonna plugged BO, telling crowd to vote for him – BOOS were long & deafening #tcot

— Elisabeth Adair (@EMAdair225) October 28, 2012

Way to go Louisiana!! Go Romney!! News from @ap: Madonna booed after touting Obama in La. Concert.

— Hillary Pate (@HillaryPate) October 28, 2012

Concert attendees reported from the pitiful scene.

A friend of mine attending Madonna concert in NOLA complaining on FB about Madonna drivel about Obama during concert. Predictable

— Dave Schwickerath (@DaveSchwick) October 28, 2012

@blockheadliv the only time Madonna got booed when she said she doesn’t who we vote for, (unless its Obama)

— Tania (@JoeMacGirlnLA) October 28, 2012

“@abaiamonte: Alight Madonna, we understand you like Obama.. Now STFU!” 😂😂😂 I’m sooooooooo bored. Come save me

— vanessa (@BjsSgk11) October 28, 2012

Boredom was a running theme. As always, rock stars (term used loosely) think that they are super edgy and cool when, in reality, they are oh-so-tired and predictable. This concert-goer sums Madonna’s “performance” up.

Just back from the #Madonna concert in #NOLA. WASTE of time & money. 2 hrs late, then BORING 1st half. I fell asleep multiple times. #NoJoke

— Monique (@MoniNewOrleans) October 28, 2012

Then she encouraged everyone to vote. Didn’t care for whom…as long as it was Obama. Crowd cheered big, then boo’d bigger. #madonna #NOLA

— Monique (@MoniNewOrleans) October 28, 2012

Then many people got up & left the concert. They were the lucky. My group was separated, couldn’t hear phone calls to go. #Madonna #NOLA

— Monique (@MoniNewOrleans) October 28, 2012

The rest of the concert was pretty boring as well. She made Brittany Spears look like the music concert show biz benchmark. #Madonna #NOLA

— Monique (@MoniNewOrleans) October 28, 2012

My 1st & last #Madonna concert. SO glad I didn’t waste my money on it. Ticket was a birthday gift. Heard how overpriced tickets were. #NOLA

— Monique (@MoniNewOrleans) October 28, 2012

Just wanted to see #Madonna in concert before she got too old & broke a hip or something. Should have skipped it. #Madonna concert #NOLA

— Monique (@MoniNewOrleans) October 28, 2012

Other concert attendees report a similar experience.

@scottwalker6 just left Madonna concert I Nola…totally sucked! She took opportunity to tell us how to vote! Boo

— Kaci Ramirez (@Kaciwag) October 28, 2012

Madonna just professed her support for Obama. There were so many boos in the arena. I’m like…did you know which concert you were going to?

— Matt Armato (@mattarmato) October 28, 2012

Madonna needs to shut her mouth abou Obama and sing

— Maddi Cairns (@maddicairns) October 28, 2012

It seems this is a new pattern for the “Material Girl,” who is actually now utterly immaterial. Fans report a similar Madonna fail in Texas.

I wonder if Madonna anticpated all the boos she got when she tore off her shirt in Houston to reveal “Obama” written on her back?

— ANDREA YANG (@ANDREAYANG2) October 26, 2012

Tramp stamp fail.

Madonna just tried to support Obama boos started coming from everyone in the crowd #texas

— Maddy Kelly (@mskelly411) October 26, 2012

Madonna may as well just end every concert with a sickening serenade to Obama featuring “Crazy for You.”

Thankfully, concert-goers are responding with a hearty “We are just not that into you, President Obama.”


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