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Maybe he meant ‘lip balm?’ Twitter users buzz about Aldon Smith’s ‘bomb threat’


Whoa. San Francisco 49er Aldon Smith has reportedly been arrested for making comments about a ‘bomb’ at Los Angeles International Airport.!/ABC7/status/455516072175620096

Twitter users wonder if maybe he meant…something else?!/IamDbills/status/455530320943521795!/jireland80/status/455491556234260480!/BIG_JUICE_LEE/status/455530360109944832!/emilayamei/status/455511821940555776!/MBurkie19/status/455505223797071872

He could face a year behind bars.!/mwotus31/status/455514063679025152!/MaioccoCSN/status/455517640904015872!/MaioccoCSN/status/455534140494856192

Reckless terrorist travel threats seem to be a thing today:

I’m not gonna tell my parents’: American Airlines response to ‘joke’ terror threat sparks panicked explanation

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