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MJ Rosenberg uses Fort Hood murders to attack Andrew Breitbart; Deletes tweets

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MJ Rosenberg, anti-Semite former Media Matters writer, ex Democrat staffer and current HuffPo blogger, used Wednesday’s Fort Hood murders as a disgusting opportunity to attack the late Andrew Breitbart.

The first tweet Rosenberg deleted reveals his continued flat-out hate for Breitbart (screen shot via Gateway Pundit):


The tweet’s subsequent disappearance was noticed:!/buddylovejr/status/451531529177415681

Ah, but there were more deletions in Rosenberg’s near future.

Rosenberg also went on an extended anti-Breitbart rant after the Fort Hood shooting, and these tweets he left up longer:!/MJayRosenberg/status/451509213534384129!/MJayRosenberg/status/451510331299606528

Screen shots of the above tweets from Rosenberg:


Three people were murdered at Fort Hood and all Rosenberg could think of was how to use it to attack Andrew Breitbart?

That’s the very definition of “living rent free”:!/DreadfulPenny81/status/451519614514524160


More class from Rosenberg:!/MJayRosenberg/status/451555873249587200!/MJayRosenberg/status/451556535093964800!/MJayRosenberg/status/451557757745766400!/MJayRosenberg/status/451558795261788161



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