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Never let a crisis go to waste: O visits Aurora on Western fundraising trip!/markknoller/status/226854779551379456

President Obama will be flying to Colorado Sunday to speak with victims of the horrific Aurora theater shooting and to meet with local and state officials.

EXCLUSIVE: President Barack Obama to visit Aurora #theatershooting victims and families Sunday:

— The Denver Post (@denverpost) July 22, 2012

Just In: Pres. Obama heads to Aurora, Colo., tomorrow to meet w/families of victims of the shooting and officials.  

— Mark Preston (@PrestonCNN) July 22, 2012

Turns out he’s headed West anyway for a massive fund-raising swing, and he’s got no plans of laying off the money-grubbing tour:

President Barack Obama is heading to the West Coast next week for a three-day campaign trip heavy on fundraising and bracketed by speeches to top veterans and civil rights groups.

His re-election team says Obama will headline three Democratic fundraisers in Oakland, Calif., on Monday. The following day, he’ll speak at a rally and fundraiser in Portland, Oregon, and more fundraisers in Seattle.

He’ll also hit up Nevada and New Orleans for votes, even though the two transparent campaign events are classified as “official” White House business.

Many Colorado residents and political observers nationwide would prefer he leave Aurora alone. Others wonder why no special trip to condemn violence in blood-soaked Chicago is in order:

Please stay away – we don't want you here pretending to care: "Obama to travel to Aurora, Colorado"

— Jennifer Green (@coloradoredgirl) July 22, 2012

Obama to visit victims of Aurora shooting > Why not speak out for the 1000's shooting victims in Chicago this year?

— Bob Keller (@Wizardfkap) July 22, 2012

Obama should stay away from Aurora; the Good People of Colorado can take care of their own!

— Gary Beasley (@theabundantgift) July 22, 2012

SMH at @barackobama turning #Aurora into a campaign event. You don't see him going to Chicago for these reasons do you? #tcot #p2 #obama

— ΜΟΛΩΝ ΛΑΒΕ (@SemiAutoAZ) July 22, 2012

It was a predictable as the sunrise and sunset:

Obama will no doubt fly to Aurora and make a "healing speech" as he did in Tuscon after the Giffords shooting.

— Laura Ingraham (@IngrahamAngle) July 20, 2012

Rahm Emanuel said never let a crisis go to waste. Remember: the progressive kin of Obama agree.

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